I am sad to report that Oba has closed after 20 years in the Pearl.
Our family loves Oba! Located In the Pearl District at 555 NW 12th Ave. next door to Trader Vic’s. we’ve only been here for happy hour. Our original plan was to have dinner here in the dining room, but we sat in the lounge first and ordered. What came out was good and drinks so good that we’ve still never set foot further than the lounge.
What makes Oba even better is that your kids can sit with you in the lounge too. Making their happy hour one of the most family friendly in Portland.
Here is some of what we ordered.
Corn dip $9Oba!

Oba Pearl Districtskewers (overpriced)

Oba restaurantcesar salad $5
Patatas Bravas – $5
Oba pearl district restaurant
2 tacos $5 and these tacos were ridiculously good. Probably some of the best found in Portland. Oba!
Oba! A Latin Restaurant in the Pearl DistrictNachos $8
happy hour at Oba! A Latin Restaurant in the Pearl DistrictMango Mojito $6.50

Oba! A Latin Restaurant in the Pearl DistrictCitrus Flan and yes, it was as good as it looks here.

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