The Observatory is a great spot to get lunch or dinner near I-205 and I-84. This place is great for lunch, but definitely more happening in the evenings. At night their sister location a bar with pool tables connected through a hallway is open. It’s called the Over and Out. We have most recently been for lunch and there was no wait to be seated and lots of open tables. Their portions are extremely large and the service was good. I highly recommend it for lunch. They had an extensive cocktail menu, but it was a little too early for drinking. Another reason I will return soon.


The ObservatoryWe tried fry bread for the first time and now I totally get it. People dribble on and on about their fry bread and I kept thinking really. Well, now I’ve had and guess what! It was the best thing we ate here.

Go figure.

Apparently, bread that has been deep-fried is really good and theirs too is really good.

(Can you tell I just went on a 4.5-mile steep hike and I am tired. I noticed I am using “really” a lot.)

20140406-220128.jpgMy husband ordered this chicken salad and I was so jealous because it looked so good. However, it looked better than it tasted in my opinion. He, on the other hand, thought it was great. When eating salad here I recommend asking for a side dressing.




The Observatory

I got the Reuben with sweet potato fries. Both were freaking tasty as all get out, but the sandwich was huge. Almost too big.


I hear that they have amazing chicken fried steak, but unfortunately, that is just for dinner. I guess we will have to go back and check it out sometime.

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