OnStar’s on a Mission for #KeepingKidsSafe

OnStar’s on a Mission for #KeepingKidsSafe

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by OnStar. Opinions are my own.OnStar's Keeping Kids Safe eBookBelieve it or not road trip season is upon us, aka summer. All across the United States families will be taking road trips and OnStar is on a mission to keep your children safe and that’s why they’ve created OnStar’s Keeping Kids Safe eBook. The book is completely free and packed with useful info.

  • OnStar developed this book to help you discuss with your child what to do in an emergency. 

The book will help you walk your child through what to do about emergencies and educate them in fun and interesting ways. For example their is a Vehicle Safety Pre-quiz you can give your child with questions like this:

1. Who should you contact first if you’re in a vehicle crash?

a. 9-1-1

b. A parent or guardian

c. Social media

d. Your best friend 

The book also includes:

  • Six Things to do in a Vehicle Emergency 
  • Five Emergencies and What to Do if You Encounter Them 

As a military wife, I am already a huge fan of OnStar. I often travel alone with my children, including massive road trips to go home and see our families. I worry a great deal when traveling alone with them like this, especially when we are in the middle of nowhere. It’s nice to have OnStar so we could get help if something happened so far from anyone we know.

Unbelievably to me is that I’ve never had discussions with my kids about what to do in a vehicle emergency. They understand how to press the button and call for help with OnStar, but other than that we had not covered the info you will find in OnStar’s free eBook. I highly recommend getting this free short eBook and running through it with your kids!

Keeping Kids Safe eBookWin $25 at OnStar’s #KeepingKidsSafe Twitter Party July 8th

Join in the conversation on July 8th to talk about emergency tips, suggestions, and questions. Prizes include two emergency kits and a $25 gift card. Follow the hashtag #KeepingKidsSafe and we can all share our best advice for helping our kids handle car emergencies.


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  1. Nikki June 22, 2015 at 3:01 pm - Reply

    I’ve never talked to my kids about vehicle emergencies either. This is a great resource.

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