Outfits for Disney

Outfits for Disney

I always gather outfits for Disney, because why not. I think Disney outfits are a fun way to add to the fun. And where else can you make your children dress like you!

  • Did you know that if your daughter is dressed up like a certain princess that when they meet them that princess is required to give them special attention. Heck Disney staff even comment if your daughter has Disney nails.
  • It actually is slightly easier to find your kids when they are dressed alike.
  • Borrow clothes from others to save money.
  • Visit a local Goodwill to find cheap Disney items.

Here are some of the outfits I put together for my kids for our most recent trip to Disney World. The matching shirts we are wearing at the top of this post were shirts we borrowed from another family that had been to Disneyland recently. My mom ask me if we had become one of those “nerd families” when she saw a picture of us wearing matching shirts! I explained to her that everyone seems to do this at Disney.

I borrowed this shirt from a friend and it happened to go great with a necklace my daughter got for Christmas a while back.

outfits for DisneyI borrowed this shirt too and again it went perfect with a hair bow we already had.


Here is a visual to get your started on creating your own outfits for Disney!

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