Lately every time we have gone out to eat in Portland it has been outstanding. Just when I think I’ve had the best meal I will ever have in Portland I have another one that’s even better. I thought Country Cat was amazing and one of the best meals I had ever had in Portland. Then I week later I went to eat at OX and holy moly was it good. It’s now the best meal I’ve ever had in Portland.20141023-083642-31002576.jpg

Ox is a fairly small restaurant so unless you get there early you are going to have to wait for a table. We were able to walk in around 5:30 and a week night with no reservation. We were seated at the chef’s counter over looking the wood fire grill. It was a cool spot, but did get a little warm.20141023-083640-31000749.jpg

We had a hard time deciding what to get because the entire menu sounded amazing. We decided to go with the Asado Argentino for 2 which included: Grilled Short Ribs, House Chorizo & Morcilla Sausages, Skirt Steak, Sweetbreads (Please keep in mind that this is not actually bread. It’s cooked glands.) , Fried Potatoes, and a Green Salad. It cost $60.

ox portland

Heirloom Hominy, Braised Pork Belly, Chiles, Cilantro,
Olive Oil-Fried Duck Egg at Ox in Portland

We also ordered the Hominy Stew, Braised Pork Belly, Chiles, Cilantro,
Olive Oil-Fried Duck Egg for $11.

All meat orders come with complimentary bread with a yummy chimichurri dipping sauce.20141023-083716-31036798.jpg


Cauliflower soup

We also had a tiny bit of cauliflower soup that the chef sent out. It looked like it was being sent out to everyone. Not just those that ordered a certain item.


Grilled Short Ribs, House Chorizo & Morcilla Sausages, Skirt Steak, Sweetbreads


Everything we tried was amazing. We loved seriously loved every single item we ordered. Dessert was especially good. It was a warm Brown butter tart.IMG_5334.JPG