At Pac Chen you can experience an amazing Mayan adventure with kayaking, zip-lining, rappelling down into caves, and swimming in cenotes.

rappeling into a cenoteHave you ever heard of Pac Chen?

Until my most recent trip to Cancun, I had never heard of Pac Chen. It seems to be a fairly well-kept secret. At Pac Chen you can kayak, zip line, then rappel down into cenotes to swim around, and more. You can find Pac Chen not too far from Riviera Maya or from Cancun.

If you want to spend time here, there is only one tour company with access, All Tour Native. They have partnered with the Mayan community and employ them.  This has made Pac Chen a thriving Mayan community.

All Tour Native will pick you up from your hotel and take you back at the end of the day when you are done with your adventure. What’s really great is that you can participate in everything they offer rain or shine. It was raining quite a bit the day we visited and it was no issue at all.

If possible see if Joshua can be your tour guide. He was a wealth of information. I kind of felt like I grilled him and I was blown away how much he knew. dsc 0011

Pac Chen: A crazy awesome Mayan Adventure!

We kicked off our experience by trekking into the jungle and across a massive bridge to participate in a Mayan prayer ceremony. During the ceremony, they ask for a blessing to protect us while doing activities and for our return home.

Now I had no clue what he was saying, but it didn’t matter because the experience was amazing. Once we had a protection blessing we headed deeper into the jungle where we rappeled into a cenote.

Fun fact: there is an estimated – 7-12 thousand cenotes in Yucatán and 70% of the fresh water in Mexico comes from Yucatán.


Now, this was only my second time visting a cenote and it was an even cooler experience than the first time when I went to one near the Tulum ruins. This cenote is only accessible from a hole above which means you either have to climb a ladder down or rappel down. I was super nervous about rappeling but quickly realized it’s no big deal. It was so easy I am pretty sure anyone could do it!

Rappelling at Pac Chen

Rappelling at Pac Chen with Mike’s Road Trip

Swimming in Cenotes

Once we were down in the cave you could float around on an inner tube or swim around. I choose to just float around. The cave was huge and there were bats flying around in there. When we were down in the water they pulled us back out. Floating in a Cenote at Pac Chen

Zip Lining

After we finished at the cenote it was onto zip lining. They have two zip lines and both are fun. You can get an idea for what to expect in the video at the end of this review.


PAC Chen has a lagoon. Back in the day the Mayans saw the lagoon and homesteaded here in the early 1900’s after the revolution. Now you can kayak across the lagoon and if you are lucky you might even see a crocodile! Kayaks easily fit 2 – 4 people, because they are canoes. Again, they have life jackets on hand for everyone. We canoed over to lunch where we feasted on a traditional Mayan lunch. It was wonderful. dsc 0045

What you need to know for your visit to Pac Chen

A few things to keep in mind. They do not allow water shoes or sunscreen. Children must be six years old to participate in activities. Inner tubes and life jackets available for the cenote.

So what are you waiting for? Book your own Mayan adventure now! 


Pac Chen: a Mayan Adventure with rappelling, kayaking, zip lining and more

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