If you are going camping make sure you do not forget anything with our packing list for camping. We have a free printable camping packing list, a printable camping scavenger hunt for kids as well as free printable camping activity sheets. Suttle Lake Campground I have to keep around a Camping Packing list of everything to take camping, because otherwise I’ll forget the most important thing like the camping tent!  Until last week I had my list on my phone. When the phone went dead I lost my list. I decided to make another here on my blog that way it is always handy and I can’t lose it again!

Medicine is always at the top of any packing list, because unfortunately we’ve had at least two camping trips cut short because we forgot our daughter’s medicine.

Here is my list of essential Camping Gear!

Medicine: Prescription, allergy medicine, anti bug itch cream, pain reliever, heartburn tablets, rescue meds

Tent – Make sure it’s large enough that you have a little extra room. 

Air Mattress – If possible buy an air mattress that comes with an air pump, it’s just more convenient. 

Air pump – I have two types of air pumps, one that plugs into the car that works super fast and one that runs on batteries that goes super slow. If you can air up your mattress without having it inside the tent first I recommend getting the car one. 

Blankets – Always take a few extra, just in case. This is in addition to sleeping bags. 

Sleeping Bags (Winter weight) – if you accidentally take a summer weight sleeping bag you might freeze! I know, I did this the last time we camped at Mt. Charleston


Cots – I’ve gotten tired of sleeping on an air mattress. It’s still great for the kids, but now days I prefer a cot. I recommend getting an extra long one. 

Awning – We put an awning up over the picnic table at our camp site. 

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Glow Sticks – Tie these around your kids neck to keep track of them at night. 


Headlamps – LED Headlamp Flashlight. With this headlamp, you can take a walk at night and be able to see where you are stepping and view all the activity of nature going on around you. Plus, being LED means that it will be a brighter light that lasts longer too!  Lighter

S’mores supplies – Roasting sticks, Marshmallows, Chocolate, Gram crackers


Baby wipes

Hand sanitizer

Books – I always have everyone bring at least one book. Eden reads like a machine, so she always needs to bring two.


Ax – Just in case. I can’t really think of a reason, but we always have one. 


Chairs – One per person

Citronella candle

Mosquito spray

Wasp trap


Ice chest

Bag of ice and a Block of ice

Frisbee and other outdoor toys like corn hole

Bicycles and Scooters (if there is sidewalk)

Games: Deck of cards, Uno, Head Banz, Otrio

Camping Stove preferably one with a coffee maker

Camping Cookware Set Charcoal

Firewood – A minimum of one bundle per night.

Paper goods – Paper plates, Paper towels, napkins, Toilet Paper


Bungee cords

Trash bags

Corkscrew – only if you plan to have wine.

Hats – Baseball hat for sun protection and a winter hat to keep you warm at night.


Jackets & fleece pullovers
Hiking shoes
Shower shoes (we use flip flops)
Life jackets

Swimsuit – depending on how many days you are camping you may want to bring more than one. 

SPF Shirt

Emergency Survival Kit. Life happens. You never know when you will be in an emergency situation where you need help, but with this kit, you will be prepared just in case.

Lightweight Travel, Hiking BackpackBe prepared and able to pack whatever items you for a possible day hike or bike ride. You need one that is lightweight, but it offers room for your necessities, bonus it’s waterproof as well. If you get caught in some rain, you may feel the effects, but your personal items can stay nice and dry.

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Laundreez – A simple way to easily do your laundry while camping! And if you are like our family there’s always laundry. Always!

Mister – Cool yourself off quickly with a mister

Heavy Duty Charger – The AdventureUltra features an AC Power Port that has the ability power a 32-inch television for up to three hours, along with fans, laptops and any other device that is 45 watts or under. The powerful charger also features two USB-A and a USB-C port to charge a wide range of devices at once and the unit itself only measures 1.2in x 5.8 in x 4.1 in. and weighs only 1.05 pounds.

Safe SeaSafe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sting Protective Lotion This helps protect against sea lice. Eden got swimmers itch once when we were camping at Suttle Lake and it was horrible. 


Free Printable Camping Packing List

For those of you that like to be able to print off a checklist, I have created this simple camping packing list that you can check off. No two families are alike, but this at least covers the basics!

Camping Trip Packing list - free printable

After many years of camping I now have a few new packing lists you can print. These are both quite a bit more extensive than the original one.

Camping Tips: How to make camping easier!

There are a few simple ways to make your camping trip easier on yourself. For example, did you know that they have tents that are super easy to set up called Instant Tents. The same thing goes for a lot of the items like a hammock set up in a little bag.  Here is a list of camping hacks to make the entire event easier on yourself.

  1. Get an instant pop up tent.
  2. Before you leave the house, prepare as much food as possible. Chop, dice, measure, and mix what you can.
  3. Use some rope to create a clothesline between two trees.  It’s ideal for drying towels and clothes.
  4. Use small bungee cords to hang paper towels up under the awning.
  5. Consider staying at a campground resort that has lots of amenities like swimming, mini golf, volleyball, basketball, and bounce pillows. KOA campgrounds and Jellystone Parks have these type of amenities and they also offer activities for the kids.
  6. Save your dryer lint in a ziploc bag and use it as tinder for your campfire!
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Camping Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Here’s a quick and easy printable scavenger hunt for kids that they can work on while your family camps.

Camping Trip Scavenger Hunt

Printable Camping Games

Printable Camping Games for kids

Even when camping kids will occasionally get bored. Download these printable Camping Games for kids to keep them entertained! Your camping activity sheets will include: Camping I Spy, Camping crossword puzzle, Camping word search, and a Camping maze. 

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Get Travel Insurance

Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that can go wrong on any trip. Be prepared for the worst with travel insurance. We use Travelex or Safety Wing (often cheaper).

Book Flights

I use Skyscanner to find flights. I use it so much, I wrote an entire guide to finding cheap flights with Skyscanner! My second favorite site to find flights is Momondo, another great site for finding cheap flights.

Book a Place to Stay

I recommend using Expedia.com or Hotels.com for most hotel bookings. I prefer to book directly with Marriott when I stay there because of their excellent military discount.

If you prefer staying in a vacation rental instead, I recommend VRBO.

Rent Clothes

Rent clothes for your trip with Travel Style Expert for only $50 a month!

Choose Activities and Tours

To find great activities in any area I use Get Your Guide and Viator. If we are visiting a city with lots of popular attractions I always check CityPass and GoCard to see if they have discount cards available.

When I want to book a full-on multi-day tour I use TourRadar. They’ve got fantastic weekly deals.

Rent a Car or Take a Lyft

More often than not Lyft is cheaper than Uber. Use my Lyft link for an $18 credit! For a car rental in any country, I recommend Discover Cars.

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