Best Brazilian Steak House in Vegas

Pampas Brazilian Grille was one of the last date nights we went on when we were still living in Las Vegas inside Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino back in the Miracle Mile Shops. If you have a meat lover in your family, they are gonna love Pampas Brazilian Grille with their all-you-can-eat assorted meats. Heck, even if you are not a meat lover chances are you will enjoy eating here with the incredible salad bar.

brazilian steakhouse in vegas

We happen to love Brazilian Steakhouses, what can I say we are from Texas! We both loved this one. This one is slightly cheaper ($1 or $2) than many of the other Brazilian steakhouses in Vegas and has a side bar/salad bar that offers 50 hot and cold sides.

It is their sides bar that really makes them stand out from the other places like them in Las Vegas with 50 homemade salads, soups, chili, sides and entrées. Featuring feijoada, mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables, fried bananas, and fresh-baked pao de queijo.

Well, the sides bar and the real bar! They’ve got some pretty tasty drinks.The best Brazilian Steakhouse in Las Vegas is Pampas Churrascaria

We both ordered the Meat Rodizio for $43 which included

  • Picanha Nobre: traditional Brazilian cut of top sirloin seasoned with rock salt and olive oil
  • Lombo pork leg with coriander adobo
  • Maminha De Alcatra: tender tri-tip roast seasoned with sea salt
  • Frango: Tender chicken breasts wrapped in bacon
  • Frango Picante: chicken legs marinated with garlic, chilies, and vinegar
  • Linguiça De Porco: house-made pork sausage with fennel and garlic
  • Abacaxi slow-roasted pineapple
  • Pernil de Porco smoked ham
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They also have seafood options and meatless options on their menu. For $25 you could stick to just eating from the salad and sides bar.

Sometimes they offer a coupon to eat here on

Here’s a coupon for 28-30% off up to four people!

 One of the neatest things about eating here is that they took a picture of us and gave us a free copy. 


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