Surveillance Systemshow?id=VEd7HHj4VpU&bids=368272Panasonic sent me their Home Surveillance System KX-HN6002 and I must say I was thrilled. The ability to check on my house from anywhere in the world is awesome! 

We used to have a security system, but didn’t like having to pay monthly. We were paying a little over $40 a month, plus we had to pay the city a fee for them to respond. And if the alarm went off and the police respond for nothing then we got to pay a fine!KX HN6002 400

The Panasonic KX-HN6002W Home Monitoring System DIY Surveillance Camera Kit (White)ir?t=mommtrav 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00PJ1XXA4 costs around $299, but there is no monthly fee! It is designed to monitor two exterior areas or one area from two different angles, the wireless, do-it-yourself video surveillance kit includes a DECT-enabled hub unit and two high- resolution, weatherproof cameras to cover entrances, the garage, patio, garden or other key exterior locations.

  • Includes two Outdoor Cameras and one Hub Unit
  • The cameras have speakers and you can speak through it the app and it will come out of the camera.
  • Monitor outdoor areas — entrances, driveway, yard
  • Receive alerts, arm/disarm system via smartphone/tablet – it works on iPhone, iPad, or androids.
  • Record video to Micro SD card, view on your computer
  • One-touch syncing with your WiFi router and smartphone/tablet
  • Ability to add other pieces to it like: phone, motion detector, window sensors, and more

The hub is the brain of the system. It hooks up to your home router with a wire. The hub talks to the cameras and sensors wirelessly. The hub can handle up to 4 cameras and 50 door, window and motion sensors. The hub can record up to 240 hours on a 32G SD Card. When the card fills up the system will start recording over older hours.

You can control the system from up to 8 devices from the free app. The app is called Panasonic Home Network. The app has step by step instructions on how to use the system.

You do actually have to be able to plug the cameras in. Although the system is “wireless” this doesn’t mean no wires. It just refers that the cameras are wirelessly talking to the hub. This can be an issue if you are like us and have no power on your front porch.

Why I Love Panasonic’s Home Surveillance System

  • I can watch my kids when I am out.
  • I can yell speak to my kids through it. (We scared the kids really bad the first time!)
  • I was able to put the app on 3 different devices.
  • No matter where I am traveling to in the world I can look around my house now and keep an eye on things.

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