PanasonicThis year Panasonic had a massive booth at CES in Las Vegas displaying all the latest and greatest of their products. From their batteries that power Tesla cars to sleek electric razors perfect for traveling they have a little bit of everything. Although most people automatically think of a TV when they think of Panasonicshow?id=VEd7HHj4VpU&bids=221931&type=3&subid=0 they are some much more. Granted, their TV’s are amazing, I know because I own one of their 60 inch 3D Vieras.

Kitchen AppliancesIMG_5883.JPG

This year their stove of the future has blown me away. It was part of Panasonic’s vision of the home of the future. As I watched the demonstration all I could think is I have to have one of these.
The stove is a flat top and it’s “smart”. It is able to sense when you place a pot or pan onto it. It knows how much weight is in the pot and senses when you add more weight to it and adjusts accordingly. The stove also only heats up right where the pot is, so if your kid touches the stove they will not be burned. You can drag the pot to a different spot and the heat will move along with it.
Now if that isn’t awesome enough, they’ve made special pot and spoon to go with this stove that automatically stirs the contents in the pot. You no longer have to stand there stirring and stirring. This would be huge for me since I burn things several times a month, especially rice because I do not remember to stir it occasionally.
Beauty Products
Also, notable is Panasonic‘s show?id=VEd7HHj4VpU&bids=221931&type=3&subid=0ever growing line of beauty products, especially the Nanoe Hairdryer, Nanoe Flat Iron, and Nanoe Curling Iron.
All of these products are made with nano technology. Simply put, instead of your hair becoming dried out of damaged from use styling products, your hair is actually being moisturized as the Panasonic beauty tools work.
How is this possible?
  • Unique nanoe™ technology takes the moisture from your hair and in the air, and uses it to create tiny, moisture-rich particles that are small enough to penetrate the shafts of your hair, helping to strengthen and protect it against damage from heat and brushing.

Look how healthy my hair looks when they got done styling it.

I am already a major fan of Panasonic’s Lumix cameras. I carry a Lumix ZS40 as my point and shoot camera and adore it. Now they have launched 4K technology that allows you to pull out on individual frame out of a video and create a photo out of it. This allows you to have action photos.
Panasonic has come out with their own type of wearable camera the Panasonic A500:  Point-of-View Wearable 4K Camcorder.
  • 4K video resolution at 30p
  • Level shot image stabilizer keeps videos level on the go
  • Built-in LCD to see what you are recording
  • Waterproof and Dustproof
  • Captures 170 degrees
My extreme thanks to Techlicious for arranging my visit to the Panasonicshow?id=VEd7HHj4VpU&bids=221931&type=3&subid=0 booth.