Motivating young children to clean up can be extremely difficult. After trying lots of various things to get them to clean, I’ve come up with the One Minute Drill.

One Minute Drill

The one-minute drill has become a staple at our house. It works every time. We announce to the kids that they have 1 minute to clean up a certain room or they are not getting to have something or do something.

Use something they want as leverage. For example, we rented a movie, but they couldn’t watch it until our youngest son’s room was clean. So we announce that they have 1 minute to clean up his room or they can’t watch the movie.

Before they start complaining the countdown begins. We loudly countdown 60, 59, 58, 57…..until we get to 0. You will be delighted to see how fast your kids can move! Turns out a minute is plenty of time to clean one room.

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More Ways to Motivate Children to Clean

Make it a Game

One of the best ways to get your child to help with chores is to make it a game! See who can beat the clock, pick up the most toys, or do it before their favorite song ends! It’s also a great idea to start chores young since research suggests that children that grow up wanting to help are helpers for the rest of their lives!

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Use a Reward System

Create a family currency system in your home. The kids will be happy to do chores because it buys them screen time and fun activities! 

Make a Chart

Use a chore chart. Kids can check off chores as they do them every week. You will not need to nag them because they can look and see what needs to still be done. Chore Chart for Kids

Come up with a Plan as a Family

Sit down as a family and make a list. Include jobs that the kids have to do, every day. Let them see your list of chores to help them understand it’s a group, family effort.

Five Dollar Plan

The Five Dollar Plan! Motivate them at the beginning of each week instead of rewarding them at the end. 


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