Parenting tip – the 1 minute drill

Parenting tip – the 1 minute drill

Motivating young children to clean up can be extremely difficult. After trying lots of various things to get them cleaning, I’ve come up with the One Minute Drill.

One Minute Drill

The one minute drill has become a staple at our house. It works every time. We announce to the kids that they have 1 minute to clean up a certain room or they are not getting  to have something or do something.

Use something they want as leverage. For example, we rented a movie, but they couldn’t watch it until our youngest son’s room was clean. So we announce that they have 1 minute to clean up his room or they can’t watch the movie.

Before they start complaining the countdown begins. We loudly countdown 60, 59, 58, 57…..until we get to 0. You will be delighted to see how fast your kids can move! Turns out a minute is plenty of time to clean one room.

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