You can leave the airport and stroll through Paris and hit at least 3 major sites in less than 8 hours.ParisHow to Tour Paris During a Layover

That’s right, you can stroll through Paris and hit at least 3 major sites in less than 8 hours. I know because I’ve done it during an 8 hour layover.

I flew from Texas to Scotland a few years back and when I realized I had a long layover in Paris ,I knew there was no way I was sitting around in the airport. My stepmom, Gloria at WristenCPA, put me in touch with a friend of hers that has traveled to Paris many times. Deb at was brilliant helping me plan my limited time in Paris.

Notra Dam Cathedral

From the Charles de Gualle airport get on the north train station, Gard de Nord. Ride it until the St. Michelle station where you will find the Notra Dam Cathedral.

  • You will need exact change to buy a train ticket. Be sure to have some Euros before you land to Paris to save you some time. (I tried to exchange money in Atlanta and did, but they could not give me smaller amounts I needed. I should have tried trading with someone in the money exchange line!)

Get in line to get into the Notra Dam Cathedral. You do not have to check a bag and admission is free.

Once you are done touring the cathedral, head into the university district. Here you will find lively shops and fun places to grab a bit of French food. If you immediately end up walking along the Seine river where there are no shops you have walked the wrong way.Notre Dam Cathedral

Louvre Museum

Once you are done shopping through the university district you will want to cross over the river and walk to the Louvre museum. Keep in mind that you may or may not have time to actually go inside, because the line gets pretty long.

  • There should be someone along the line letting people know how long the wait is.
  • Look around for an American to take your photo and then take theirs. Fellow Americans are easy to spot. (Look for Nike shoes!)

Eiffel Tower

After you are done at the Louvre, catch a taxi to the Eiffel Tower. DO NOT WALK! It may appear close, but it is not.

When you are done walking around the Eiffel Tower you can get on another train and go back to the Charles de Gualle airport.

Now obviously I did not stay in a hotel since I was only here a day, but there are lots of cool hotels in Paris.