Indulge in the authentic flavors of Phuket by taking a Phuket street food tour. Try foods you’ve never seen or heard of before and learn interesting local history along the way.

phuket street food

I think he is making Kanom Krok

Phuket Street Food Tour

During our family vacation in Phuket, Thailand we went on a handful of tours. One of them was the Phuket Street Food tour where we got to indulge in the authentic flavors of Phuket. We went around various parts of Phuket including Old Town in an air conditioned van trying the local food including sweets, savory dishes and incredible bowls of noodles.

Every Phuket Street Food Tour includes

  • Guided tour of delicious, authentic food & famous sights in English
  • Enjoying a snack with panoramic views from Khao Rang
  • Nighttime stroll through the bustling, popular local market
  • Tastings of Thai-style macaroons along the iconic Talang Road
  • Lunch or dinner (not both)
  • Round-trip transportation to and from your Phuket hotel in an air-conditioned van.

Our first stop was a busy street market. The market was in a parking lot and didn’t look like much, but all the food was spectacular! Most people stop first at Khao Rang to enjoy a panoramic view along with a beer, but due to another obligation, the kids and I had to cut the first bit of the tour off.

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Market in a Parking Lot

At the market in the parking lot the food we saw and ate was unidentifiable. It was fun to watch the foods being prepared. I think it helped all of us when it came to eating something we couldn’t identify.

Suggested things to try are:

  • Kao Kriab Pak Mor (A gooey purple dumpling with a sweet peanut filling that is fascinating to watch being prepared. It’s in the video below.)
  • Kanom Krok (a tasty little coconut pancake)
  • Khanom Buang (a dynamite, crunchy Thai crepe with a creamy filling).

I have to comment on peanuts. My daughter is highly allergic to peanuts and the guide did try to make sure none of our food had peanuts in it. At one point at a stand in the parking lot we were trying mango salad when I realize there was a peanut in it. I told my daughter to spit it out. Lucky for us she had not swallowed and did not have a reaction, but this could have been bad.

img 8417img 8435

Phuket Noodle shop

Famous Phuket Noodle shop

Our main course was a stop at the most famous noodle house in Phuket. I do not remember the name of it and have tried to figure it out, but haven’t. The best I can do is show you a photo of the outside and maybe somehow you can find it. I know Lonely Planet wrote about it in one of their guidebooks. Everyone got noodles except for one kid, that one got fried rice, which you can see in the video below. I cannot remember which kid refused noodles.

img 8451

Most people end their experience at a local sweet shop along Talang Road, with a treat of Thai-style macaroons. Thalang Road is the main central street of Phuket’s charming Old Town which was the original center of Phuket. This quaint, narrow boulevard boasts numerous attractions, great shops, a diverse mix of restaurants, small guesthouses, and more, all housed in the beautiful Sino-Portuguese architecture that makes PhuketTown famous. Old Town was built on the riches made from Phuket’s tin boom. We did a walk through this area and saw some interesting shops and doorways. We were given some history of various things as we went along.

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We, however, did not end our food tour there. I think we were near there, but we stopped at a food cart for something kind of like ice cream. To be honest I cannot remember what it was.

dessert cart in Phuket

Dessert cart in Phuket

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