Pike Place Public Market is a must-visit on any trip to Seattle. Many go because they have heard about the guys throwing around the fish or about the oddities that can be found here. But did you know you can also find some of the best food in Seattle here? The market is this bustling area with food from all around the world. So, it’s the perfect place to have lunch around the world without ever leaving Seattle.

Pike's Public Market
Pike’s Public Market in Seattle

Pike’s Public Market is always a fun place to bop around for a couple of hours.

We usually walk around and grab some lunch. We had thought about going to Pike Place Chowder in Post Alley, but look at the line in the above photo. I do not care how good their chowder is. I try to avoid lines when traveling with my 3 kids if it is possible.


The Hottest Tacos in Seattle!


On our most recent visit, we grabbed some tacos at Los Agaves. They were good, but a few of them had some sort of spicy sauce on it that made them freaking hot. I can take some serious heat on my food, but they were ridiculously hot. Keep in mind, I’m from Texas, so I’m not kidding. Be sure to let them know that you do not want them spicy, especially if you are feeding your kids. My kids were dying and these are kids that sit around eating hot peppers. Lucky for my kids there are plenty of ice cream shops around there, which is exactly what it took to keep my children from getting heartburn and crying.

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For some strange reason, I have multiple family members that are now planning to go eat these hot tacos. I guess they want to see if they can stand the heat and see if I am just being a baby. Isn’t family fun?!

Here is a picture of the ice cream place, Shy Giant. Yup, that’s the real name. I must say one of the things I love the most about living in the Pacific Northwest is that it is completely random. You could literally name something, anything and no one thinks anything of it. Go figure.

IMG 2947


Sisters European Sandwiches

Normally we go eat at Sisters, right next door to Pike Place Chowder also in Post Alley. We have been eating at Sisters since 2004. I told myself to branch out and try something new this time. Well, guess what? Next time I am in Seattle I am going to eat at Sisters. They have indoor and outdoor seating.
IMG 2952

Here is a collage of our fun hour and a half at Pike’s Public Market. They were even throwing the fish this time.

Pike Place Market






There are some companies that offer Pike Place Market food tours. If you’d rather have an expert guide you around then just winging it.

With its vibrant atmosphere, delicious food, and attractions, Pike Place Public Market is truly a Seattle classic and should not be missed. There’s something for everyone at Seattle’s historic public market – from the array of fresh catches of the day to the wide selection of handmade crafts, to name just a few. It is a place where tourists, locals, and generations of families come together to experience culture, history, and hospitality all in one location.

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With its vast offerings and charming details, spending some time exploring Pike Place Public Market will bring back happy memories and leave you feeling energized by the experiences that can only be found there. Whether it’s your first visit or whether you’re returning for more of the shops’ unique treasures, you won’t want to miss out on this beloved institution of Seattle.


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