Pine State Biscuits is a fun little breakfast place with five locations in Portland, Oregon. With so many locations chances are high that there will be one near you when you need it! They serve all kinds of biscuits. The one I ordered, “The Reggie Deluxe” for $7. It came with gravy, fried chicken, bacon, and an egg. It may be just a chicken and biscuit, but it’s a hearty portion. I was not able to finish my biscuit. They also have grits, collard greens, blackeye peas, and more southern-type food.

For a girl from Texas, Pine State Biscuits was a little taste of home.

Pine State Biscuits Menu Options

Here are some of the things you can order here. Now I’m mainly sharing the biscuit sandwiches, but if you want something simpler you can get an order of just biscuits and gravy. 

The Reggie  – Fried chicken, bacon & cheese topped with gravy


Pine State Biscuits does serve alcoholic beverages! They have their own unique cocktail menu that includes Bloody Mary’s. Pine State Biscuits Bloody Mary

This Bloody Mary came with a mini corn dog with it. This is the one you should order. 

Pine State Biscuits Bloody Mary

Pine State Biscuits Locations

  • 2204 NE Alberta, Portland, OR 97211
  • SW Park & SW Montgomery, Portland, OR 97201
  • 1717 NW 23rd Ave., Portland, Or 97210
  • 1100 SE division #100, Portland, OR 97202
  • 2204 NE Alberta, Portland, OR 97211

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In conclusion, breakfast at Pine State Biscuits in Portland, Oregon is fantastic. Between the delicious food and the delightful atmosphere it provides, this local eatery strived to make its visitors satisfied. From the biscuit sandwiches to the indulgent cocktails and outstanding coffee, Pine State Biscuits has something for every palate.
It’s easy to see why this establishment has quickly become a favorite go-to spot for locals and visitors looking for a hearty meal before beginning their day. Give it a try next time you or your family are looking to start off your day on a scrumptious note. And while you’re at it, don’t hesitate to share with us where your favorite breakfast spot in Portland is!

FAQs about Eating at Pine State Biscuits in Portland, Oregon

  1. What makes Pine State Biscuits a must-try dining experience in Portland? Pine State Biscuits is renowned for its delicious, Southern-inspired biscuits made from scratch. The restaurant is a popular choice for those seeking a hearty and flavorful breakfast or brunch in Portland.
  2. Where is Pine State Biscuits located in Portland? Pine State Biscuits has multiple locations in Portland. You can find them at 1100 SE Division St and 2204 NE Alberta St. However, it’s always a good idea to check their website for the most current information on locations.
  3. What are the must-try menu items at Pine State Biscuits? Some favorites include “The Reggie,” a biscuit sandwich with fried chicken, bacon, cheese, and gravy. The menu also features vegetarian options like the “Vegetarian Reggie” and classic biscuits with jam.
  4. Are there options for those with dietary restrictions at Pine State Biscuits? Pine State Biscuits offers vegetarian and some gluten-free options. However, it’s advisable to inform the staff about any dietary restrictions or allergies, as they may be able to accommodate specific needs.
  5. Is Pine State Biscuits a family-friendly restaurant? Yes, Pine State Biscuits is a family-friendly establishment. The hearty and flavorful menu items make it a great choice for families looking for a satisfying meal.
  6. Is Pine State Biscuits only open for breakfast? While Pine State Biscuits is famous for its breakfast and brunch offerings, some locations may also serve lunch. Check the specific location’s hours on their website for the most accurate information.
  7. Can I place a takeout or online order at Pine State Biscuits? Yes, Pine State Biscuits offers takeout options. Some locations may also provide online ordering through their website or third-party delivery services.
  8. Is there parking available at Pine State Biscuits? Parking availability may vary depending on the location. Some Pine State Biscuits locations may have dedicated parking lots, while others may rely on street parking. Plan accordingly and check for parking information on their website or by contacting the specific location.
  9. Are there long wait times at Pine State Biscuits, and do they take reservations? Pine State Biscuits is a popular spot, and wait times can vary, especially during peak hours.  They typically do not take reservations. Consider arriving early to avoid longer wait times.
  10. Can I buy Pine State Biscuits merchandise? Yes, Pine State Biscuits often sells merchandise such as T-shirts, hats, and more. If you’re a fan of their brand, you might find some unique items to take home as souvenirs.


Pine State Biscuits
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