Pink Taco is best described with one word….wait for it…..Legendary!  It is by far the best Mexican food in Las Vegas, in the coolest atmosphere. (I should mention that I also think Super Mex and El Segundo could also be called the best Mexican food in Las Vegas.) Pink Taco is one of those places you always take out of town guests and should be on your shortlist of restaurants to go to when you are in Vegas.

Pink Taco

It’s not expensive, the atmosphere is awesome (You can tell from the pictures it is somewhat dark in the restaurant.) and the food is incredible. To start out you get chips with three types of salsa. The chips and salsa are complimentary. If you decide to order a pitcher of margaritas, keep in mind two things. First, the pitchers are huge, plenty for 4 – 5 adults. Second, they are pricey. I can’t remember exactly how much, because the pitcher was huge, but I’m thinking it was fifty-something dollars. I highly recommend ordering the pink tacos. They have lots to choose from on their menu, but these are tasty and unique. My friends hesitated from the description, but they loved them!


Pink Taco Pink Taco