Polaris Adventures offers exciting outdoor activities all across the United States. We recently dropped down to Bend, Oregon for two fun-filled days off off-roading a 4 person Polaris RZR. a793474d a1d0 445e bfc1 b42c0e3e3dd7

Family Off-Roading

I find off-roading to be a fantastic family activity. It gets you outside and for the most part kids of all ages will enjoy it. My teens and tween always seem to really enjoy it. If you’ve traveled much with teens you know that sometimes they can be slightly difficult to entertain. It can often be hard to find something they all enjoy, but I am promising you they will like this!

They will like it even more if they are able to drive. Many of these allow 18-year-olds to drive, so if you have an older teen they can drive. Noah’s first off-roading experience was right after he turned 18 and he got to drive a 2 person RZR with Jonah by his side. I drove in another one with Eden. It was the highlight of our entire spring break trip. 

Polaris Adventures

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Until recently this was a fairly difficult activity to arrange. You have to own your own equipment or find a reputable outfitter which can be difficult. Most people are not going to own their own equipment or even realize they can rent it.

Polaris recognized that they could step in and essentially be the middle man. No one is more familiar with their products than the people that make them. They took this knowledge and launched Polaris Adventures

They’ve handpicked outfitters around the country that offer a great experience and make sure to stay safe. Riders are taught trail right-of-way, yielding to mountain bikes, hikers and horses, and letting oncoming vehicles know how many are in a group.

Most of their outfitters can accommodate any skill level, so even if you’ve had no prior experience driving an ATV you will be ok. Plus, Polaris Adventures outfits all its vehicles with the latest mapping technology ensuring no one gets lost. Vehicles include RZRs, Slingshots, and snowmobiles. 

Now I know that doing something like this can be a bit intimidating sometimes, but the reality is, it’s an easy activity. Just don’t be stupid and everything will go great. 

Locations Throughout the United States

Polaris Adventures has individual rentals, guided tours, and multiday excursions around the United States. They currently have outfitters in Hawaii, Oregon, Alaska, Las Vegas, Tennesee, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Hampshire, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and Maine.

They also have locations in a few national parks including Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, and Zion. 

I wish I had known about this when I was in Kauai. I definitely would have cruised around the island in a Slingshot. 

Outriders NWimg 3410

For our adventure, we headed down to Bend, Oregon for two days of off-roading around the area in a Polaris RZR from Outriders NW. They have various tours you can take around Sunriver and Bend in a RZR or a Slingshot.

Drivers must be 25 years of age or older to drive one of the 2 person Slingshots. Slingshots are open-air vehicles, so you typically cannot use them during the winter months. 

Drivers only have to be 18 to drive their 2019 Polaris XP 1000 RZRs. These can seat four people, which was a total relief because then we only needed one driver. When I found out Noah couldn’t go with us, I thought I would have to find another driver to go with us, but it turned out not to be an issue at all. For single parents like me look for outfitters that have these available. It makes everything much easier.  

Each outfitter decides their own minimum ages, so this will vary depending on where you go. 

Typically Outriders NW only offers guided tours in the RZRs. The owner is super nice and his tours are amazing. As you can imagine he knows the entire area quite well. He provides the helmets, snacks, water, and even gloves! He has neck warmers too. 

He let us venture off on our own some, which was nice considering how many trails are in the area. He provided us with a tablet that showed us where to go and what to stop and see. It also prevented us from getting lost. With so many areas open to ATVs it would be easy to get lost. If you end up taking a self guided tour this is what you do. They give you a tablet with everything you need to know on it. 

There are other outfitters in Oregon that offer Polaris Adventures that look fun, but we haven’t tried them yet!

Off-Roading in OregonPolaris Adventures

Oregon is one of the most beautiful states in America and one way to see the lesser-known spots is by ATV. You can basically find trails all over the state. I could try and create a long list of spots, but instead, I am sticking to the few we’ve experienced ourselves. 

Closer to Portland is LaDee Flats and it’s fairly extreme off-roading. Then out towards the coast is the Tillamook Jeep Trails. 19 miles west of Bend is the Edison Butte OHV Trail System. 

We did two different trail systems in the Bend/Sunriver area. They were pretty close together. One of them I believe was somewhere in the East Fort Rock Ohv Trail System. This system has It provides 318 miles of trails and 83 miles of shared-use roads for casual and competitive use covering about 110,000 acres. I’m going to guess we were on the beginner trails!

What to Wear Off-Roading When It’s Cold OutsideWhat to wear offroading when it's cold

The day we went off-roading it was absolutely freezing. It was about 36 degrees outside. We had to make sure we were going to be warm enough. Luckily the helmets Outriders NW provided had the visor, that blocked out the cold wind whipping us. If you are planning on to be out in the cold I recommend taking hot hands for each person. 

  • Helmet
  • Pants, possibly ski pants
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Layers – hoodie or ski jacket
  • Gloves
  • Closed-Toes Shoes that can get dirty, could be rain boots or better yet ski boots
  • Neckwarmer

Have you been on a Polaris Adventure? Where did you go?  I’m hoping our next Polaris Adventure is snowmobiling in Yellowstone! How amazing does that sound? My kids have never snowmobiled before, but because I know Polaris Adventures can accommodate any skill level and keep you safe I know they will love it.