The phrase “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” together with the common nickname “Sin City” tends to limit Las Vegas to a destination for casino enthusiasts and party animals. And while there’s plenty of gambling action to attend and the nightlife is vibrant, the city has much more to offer to its visitors.

There are plenty of themed hotels that deliver lots of different entertainment for their guests. So, if you want to discover what Las Vegas is all about besides the casinos, your should visit Book of Ra Deluxe, and other indoor entertainments, we have you covered. 

Taking into consideration the everchanging Las Vegas covid restrictions, more and more tourists look for outdoor fun that can’t be spoiled by wearing a mask or having to keep your distance in a crowd. So, check out the following activities and make sure you make the most of your visit.

Lots of Hiking Opportunities around Las VegasMount Charleston

If you’re done with all the Las Vegas attractions such as the Bellagio Fountains, the MGM, or Luxor, and you’re ready to stretch those legs a bit, there’s plenty to explore around Vegas. The trails are diverse enough to accommodate all types of hikers.

Mount Charleston

Situated west of Las Vegas, this mountain range has plenty of hiking trails to offer. The climate is excellent for hikes, and one of the most popular ones is Mary Jane Falls. Even though it’s quite steep, to begin with as you will climb around 1,000 feet in total, the 2-miles hike can be done even if you’re not a professional athlete. Disclaimer: it’s better not to expect actual waterfalls unless you’re going in the springtime or after serious rain.Mary Jane Falls Hike on Mount Charleston

Mummy Mountain is another great choice if you’re looking for a great hike in the area. It’s longer than Mary Jane Falls with 5 miles in total, however, once you’re up there, the views are breathtaking. On your way up you’ll pass by the Raintree, a 3000-year-old Bristlecone Pine considered to be the oldest in Nevada. Pack plenty of water and make sure to get a jacket in case you’re going in the fall or winter.

Hot Springs Hike

If you want to swim in more than a Las Vegas casino pool, this one is for you. Quite popular among locals, the hike to the Colorado River is a very impressive one with lots of benefits. The trail starts in a dirt parking space that you can reach by taking exit 2 off I-93. Before crossing the Pat Tillman Bridge, make a right at the stop sign at the end of the exit, and you should reach the parking in no time. 

Get ready for an approximately 4-hour hike that includes eight ropes for climbing, and it should deliver the perfect combination of walking and putting you to the test, so you feel that you deserve those cocktails back at the hotel.

Red Rocks

There are lots of hiking trails out at the state park including Calico Basin.

Kayaks and SUPsLake Mead

Need a break from all the Las Vegas concerts and feel the need for a new activity? Why not give kayaking and SUPing a shot? Even though Las Vegas is in the middle of a desert, Lake Mead and the Colorado River offer plenty of opportunities for water sports enthusiasts.  

Kayaking on the Colorado River

One of the most interesting Las Vegas day trips is the one up the Colorado River in a kayak. You’ll be able to check out the Hoover Dam and the Emerald Cave on your way there. Also, if you’ve never been kayaking before, this is one of the best places to start as the water is calm, and the landscape is simply jaw-dropping. 

Pro-tip: if you happen to be in Las Vegas on a full moon, you can join an evening guided tour with glowing kayaks. A once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience that you’ll enjoy just as much as any Las Vegas show.

Stand-up Paddling on Lake Mead

None of the Las Vegas pool parties will give you the chance to just glide on a body of water like Lake Mead. In the summer, you can swim or simply soak in the sun in between SUP or kayak sessions. Also, you can go out to the little islands on the lake if you want more privacy. Make sure to always wear a vest, as the lake can become quite dangerous in windy conditions.


Various Bike Paths to Explore

Want to experience the Las Vegas outdoor activities but you’re not such a big fan of water or walking? A bike could be the answer to everything! Once you’re done enjoying all your favorite games in the best casino the city has to offer, check out the multiple bike paths available around the city.

The Red Rock CanyonCalico Basin near the Red Rocks

One of the most scenic bike paths in Las Vegas, the Red Rock Canyon, offers bike enthusiasts a loop of around 20 miles. It starts at Blue Diamond Road and finishes at West Charleston Boulevard, and you don’t need an exceptional fitness level to do it. If you’re not 100% sure you can take the challenge, or you’re still recovering after one of the numerous Las Vegas events involving booze, go for an e-bike. 

Lake Mead Cycling

Lake Mead isn’t just about kayaking or SUP activities. You can bike around it, and you’ll find some awesome bike trails. So, make sure you complete your active Las Vegas holidays with the Henderson – Bounder – Lake Mead path. While it’s not all flat, and it will challenge you with some serpentine as well, it’s still accessible for most tourists. 

Horseback Riding

Most Las Vegas hotels offer complete packages for day trips or daytime activities until the parties start. And horseback riding is one of the popular activities among tourists since there’s no real effort. Unlike kayaking or biking, you just relax on a docile horse and enjoy the amazing landscapes. The sunset sessions are exceptional, and the activity also includes a nice barbecue dinner. While you shouldn’t expect something that can compete with the menus of Las Vegas restaurants, the new experience can turn that dinner into the best one you had.

If you have other plans for the evening, horseback riding is also available in the morning with breakfast included. The tours take around 6 hours, and it’s an amazing opportunity to explore and interact with the horses as well. 

ATV Safaris and Jeep Adventures

Tired of driving around the Las Vegas strip? The desert surrounding the city offers plenty of opportunities for some amazing ATV safaris or jeep adventures. The options do not end here, you can go for dune buggies or even Enduro motorbikes if you’re licensed to ride one. 

Besides giving you the opportunity to enjoy the rocky desert, a jeep is a good idea if you want to try kayaking outside of a guided tour. You can just strap the kayak on the jeep, enjoy the desert for a while, and then head over to Lake Mead for some amazing landscapes on the water. You could be enjoying the Hoover Dam from two perspectives in one day – on top of it in a jeep and from a kayak on the Colorado River.

Try Ziplining or Even Snowboarding

You can try ziplining over the strip or head over to Boulder to zip over the rocks in the mountain. So, if you don’t want to go too far from the Las Vegas old town, stick to the one over the strip. However, if you want to enjoy some really wild landscapes and bring your adrenaline levels to the max, Boulder is the destination.

If zip lining could’ve been an activity you already thought about, you’re probably wondering what’s the connection between Las Vegas and snowboarding. Well, for a couple of months, Lee Canyon transforms into a winter wonderland when the conditions are right. The hill is perfect for anyone that wants to try snowboarding and if you want more adrenaline, there are some awesome trails further up from the lift drop-off. Stop for some hot chocolate whenever the cold gets to you and improve your moves.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of activities to enjoy in and around Las Vegas. So, if you thought it’s all about casinos and nightlife, a whole new dimension opened up. You can get an amazing mix of partying, gambling, and outdoor activities during your holiday to Las Vegas, and that’s what makes it a unique destination. The key is to be open to exploration and never settle with what the resort offers. No matter if it’s kayaking, zip lines, horseback, or ATVs, try some of Las Vegas’ amazing activities that will get your heart pumping.


Would you like to add anything else to our list of Las Vegas outdoor activities? If you’ve recently been on a trip there or heard any interesting Las Vegas news, we’d like to hear about all your adventures in the comments section. Feel free to contribute and help others plan for an unforgettable trip!

Guest Author: Jeffrey Bishop simply lives to travel and discover new adventures in the USA and abroad. Watching “Into the Wild” as a kid, he knew what he wanted to do when he’ll grow up. Through his personal blog, Jeffrey allows others to enjoy the amazing experiences he lived so far, and his freelance writing gig helps him pay for all upcoming ideas.

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