Plan your entire trip to Portland, Oregon start to finish with our extensive travel guide. This Portland Oregon Travel is full of things to do, places to eat, cool bars, and the best hotels. Portland, OR Travel Guide

Are you planning a visit to Portland, OR?

Now I am obviously somewhat biased because Portland is where I choose to call home, but I think Portland is tremendous and definitely worth spending a vacation or two here. The city is broken up into quirky neighborhoods, each with their own individual flair. To get to know Portland best try to hit up several different areas of town.

Portland, Oregon Travel Guide

This Portland, Oregon Travel Guide is a handy tool for planning out your entire trip, especially when it comes to choosing restaurants to visit and finding fun activities to do. I constantly update this and the most recent update was 1/3/20.

Where to Eat In Portland

There are so many amazing restaurants in Portland, Oregon to choose from. With hundreds of locally owned, award-winning restaurants, it can be difficult to know which restaurants you should pick over another. Not to mention the 600-plus food carts found around the city. Hopefully, these restaurants and food cart reviews will help you decide!

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7 Fantastic Food Carts!

8 Incredible Portland Breakfast Restaurants

15 Incredible Restaurants Offering the Best Brunch in Portland, Oregon

Portland Dining Month in March – The most affordable time to try the pricier restaurants around town. 

Andina – Best Peruvian cuisine – I enjoyed Andina immediately. It’s just a cool restaurant. They had live music: 2 guitars and some drums. The wait was reasonable only 15 minutes, which is amazing for Portland. I loved the bread they start you off with. The bread comes with three dipping sauces. All were good, one of them was a passion fruit sauce. We were not sure what to order. The menu is a little confusing. We went with one of the tapas a size small salad, plenty for two people to split. I had the flank steak with chimichurri sauce. It was GOOD. The flan is thick but good.

rabbit at Andina


20140707-124426-45866809.jpgAva Genes – Top 10 Portland Restaurant!


Beez Neez Gourmet Sausages Food Cart

Blue Star Donuts – Holy Moly their donuts are freaking amazing. I had the coconut cheesecake coffee donut and it was delicious. I do think paying over $2.50 for a donut is stupid, but dang it was really good.

Bob’s Red Mill Cafe – After you tour the mill you can enjoy a nice lunch. 

Casa Del Matador – Absolute Best Tex-Mex in Portland in my opinion. Although I am a Texas, so I am probably right. 

Cascade Grill at the Portland Zoo – The food is surprisingly good here. I had super low expectations because it’s at the zoo. 

Departure – Best Asian fusion – I always love going to Departure. The food is always good and I’ve never had the same thing twice! The views are amazing since it’s up on the 15th floor of the Nines hotel. They also have a great patio that’s fun to hang out on and get a drink.

Don Ladis Taco Shop (Gresham) – I’m from Texas and until this place opened I had nowhere, I truly considered GREAT Mexican food until this place opened. Try the carnitas burrito or the machaca. Everything they make is incredible. The chili verde is killer and their chili rellenos are outstanding.

Eastburn Public House – This place is kind of a hidden gem. I didn’t try any of the food, but I can vouch for their prickly pear margaritas. They are fantastic. And it is super fun to swing while having a drink. I’ve also heard that their Bloody Mary is one of the best in the city. 

Prickly Pear Margarita at Eastburn in Portland, Oregon

Prickly Pear Margarita at Eastburn in Portland, Oregon

Gumba – Gumba is probably the best food cart in Portland, Oregon right now. They serve Italian food and other types of food. Go for the Italian!

Gumba food cart in Portland, Oregon

Grassa – one of the best Italian places in Portland! Grassa is outstanding. I went here for the first time and was blown away how good my food was. I was initially put off by the price, $12 for lunch seemed a little steep, but it was so good it didn’t matter.

Grill Cheese Grilled Food Cart – They serve a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches. 

HunnyMilk – My favorite breakfast in Portland.

Khao San – One of a kind Thai food

Kiva Tea Bar and Cafe – healthiest lunch in town

Koi Fusion – a fusion of Korean/Mexican, Best food cart

La Petite Provence – Best Breakfast! This place is consistently good. They have the best croissants in Portland, Oregon. I have only been for breakfast and lunch. Unfortunately, they took Juevos Rancheros off the menu. I know many that went there just to have them. The risotto cakes are just as good and I highly recommend them. Although there is usually a wait, typically it is brief.

Lardo – Their sandwiches are amazing.

Lauretta Jeans – They have the best salted-caramel brownies in the city. 

Lauretta Jeans salted caramel brownies

Lauretta Jeans salted caramel brownies


Laurelwood Brewery – great beer and happy hour, kid-friendly

Mee Sen Thai Eatery

Migration Brewery – This is a busy place, at least it was when I visited. You had to wait for a table to clear. Granted, if the weather had been nice then everyone could have just sat on their large patio out front. The burgers are good but skip the chicken sandwich.

Mucca Osteria– an amazing Italian food restaurant. 

Nak Won – This place is the best Korean restaurant in Portland, Oregon! I cannot say enough good things about this place. My food was amazing. This is the best Korean restaurant I have ever eaten at!

Nicholas – So affordable!!  I absolutely love this Lebanese restaurant. It comes with complimentary bottomless hot pita bread. We always get the hummus to go with it for $6. We also get the Stephens beef and chicken schwarma platters. Both come with a side salad and both are so good you will just keep coming back for more. Just ordering these three items is enough to feed our family of four. Making this one of the cheapest places we go out to eat at.

The Fireside – I love this place. I’ve only been here once for Sunday brunch, but it was awesome. I had the best biscuits and gravy that I’ve ever had in Portland, Oregon. (I’m from Texas and hard to please when it comes to biscuits and gravy. Now it wasn’t your typical gravy and in fact I’m not sure it should be called gravy. But whatever it was, it was rocking. Also notable here, the French fries. The ketchup is disgusting, but the fries were amazing. I’m not sure what that crap was they were trying to pass off as ketchup was.

The Observatory – This is a great place to hang out at night. I love the atmosphere of the Observatory and I hear that dinner is way better than lunch. I have only been for lunch and it was good, but not that good. For lunch, it was one of the biggest salads I’ve seen, but it was bland. I got the Ruben, it was huge too.

Ox – Top 10 Portland restaurant!

Pacific Pie Company  – meat pies and dessert pies

Papa Haydn’s – Best Dessert

Pine State Biscuits – Cheapest Breakfast

Pips Donuts – I think these are the best donuts in town.

Pix Patisserie – a super fabulous dessert and wine bar!

Q Restaurant – I had brunch here last week and it was excellent. The Bloody Mary was the best one I’ve had in Portland so far. The mimosa was overpriced and small. The chilaquiles were awesome. I had chorizo added. The grilled cheese was massive and came with a solid tomato soup.A Bloody Mary at Q Restaurant

Quaintrelle – I came in a few weeks ago for the first time not knowing what to expect and I left having one of the best meals I’ve had in Portland. I loved the way they prepared the ribeye. Their use of fruits and vegetables is creative and delicious.  And their cocktails are awesome.




Ringside – Hands down the best onion rings. The ribeye is out of this world good. And their twice-baked potatoes are good too.

St. Honore Bakery

Screen Door – Top 10 Portland restaurant –  After eating here I can confidently say that it is not overhyped. We waited 70 minutes for a table for two, but it was worth the wait. Everything we tried was amazing. The brandy milk punch was an odd drink yet so good at the same time. Their hot chocolate is even better. Next time I’ll just order a hot chocolate with a shot of Bailey’s.

Slappy Cakes – Kids make a huge mess making their own pancakes, but they do have a lot of fun. Consider how things will really taste before combining them. My child made disgusting pancakes that we couldn’t eat. The wait times here are brutal, almost always one-hour minimum.

Srisiamchai Thai Restaurant (Gresham) – My kids beg to eat here all the time. Apparently, they are addicted to the Tom Yum Soup made here and now scoff at all other Tom Yum soups. Who knew their taste had become so sophisticated! Of course, I happen to agree the food here is outstanding. I always seem to order a curry and add tomatoes. I appreciate the fact that they are so accommodating.

Teote – This place is fantastic. You have to order at the counter and then they bring you your food. On a warm day sit in the backyard where it is not so crowded. We ordered a big family-style with a little bit of everything. So, so good.

Terrane Italian Kitchen + Bar – This is some of the best Italian in Portland. Terrane Italian Kitchen + Bar

Toji Korean Grill House – We fed 3 adults and 3 kids for $70 here and it was super fun. We selected one of the BBQ options, so we got to grill our meat on the table. This was super entertaining for the kids. The meat came with lots of unlimited sides: cucumbers, onions, jalapenos, rice, kimchee, potatoes, egg, and 4 or 5 more.

Tusk – I have nothing but good things to say about Tusk. Our service was excellent and the food is outstanding. We visited for weekend brunch. The grain bowl is stupendous. Kids may not like eating here. Get them something more traditional like biscuits and gravy. The only thing I didn’t like was the waiter didn’t tell us it was $3 per extra bread for the hummus. I paid $23 for hummus and bread. That’s just stupid.


Voodoo Doughnuts

Things to see or do in Portland

Portland has something for every possible interest, which reflects the diverse people living here. You can even get by without having to pay to do anything while here too! And if you are into hiking then you could take one epic hike after another the entire time you are in Portland.

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Bob’s Red Millfree tours of the factory and it is educational

Bushue’s Pumpkin Patch (October)

Cheap Indoor Rock Climbing

East Portland Community Center INDOOR Pool

Fields Park & Playground – My kids loved this park. The playground is unique compared with other nearby parks. There is a sandbox it is typically nice and clean. Both the playground and the sandbox are inside a gated area, which is awesome. One of the outdoor public restroom stands is at this park. During the summer they have free movies here and live music.

Fish the Columbia Gorge

Forest Park encompasses more than 5000 acres full of dense trees, rivers, waterfalls, and bridges. It has more than 40 miles of hiking, biking and equestrian trails for free.

iFly – Indoor Skydiving

International Rose Test GardenPortland’s famous rose garden!

JJ Jump an indoor bounce house place

Kiva Spa – best facial in Portland

Keller Fountain – a fountain you can play and swim in.

Lan Su Chinese Garden – This place was great. It’s small but they’ve made good use of their space. It’s pretty and serene. I found it to be more educational than I had anticipated. My kids enjoyed learning about Chinese art and attempting to draw Chinese words. They also loved finding their fortune.

Chinese garden in Portland

Lan Su Chinese Garden

Liepold’s Pumpkin Patch (October) – Liepold’s is great. We visit every year and enjoy going through the corn maze. The kid’s area is better this year with the addition of a digging area. They now serve beer and wine too! Our kids love crawling through the hay maze here and launching pumpkins.

North Clackamas Aquatic Center

Oaks Park – an amusement park, putt-putt, skating rink

Oneonta Gorge Hike

Oregon Zoo

Pips & Bounce Ping Pong Bar – family-friendly hours and adults-only hours.

Playdate PDX – massive indoor play place with wifi and booze!

Portland Night Market – The Portland Night Market is usually only two nights a month and it is awesome!

Portland Walking Tours –  They have a variety of tours. I went on one of their drinking tours and it was awesome. There is no admission charge to get in!

Powell’s Books – This is the largest independently owned book store in the US and it’s pretty great.

Punchbowl Falls – hiking, swimming, cliff jumping

Punch Bowl Social – They even have free bowling for kids off and on throughout the year.

Rose Festival (June)

Safety Learning Center and Firehouse Museum

Salmon Fishing on the Columbia Gorge

Sauvie Island Pumpkin Patch (October)

Skibowl Adventure Park

Springwater Corridor is a free multi-use trail that runs from SE Ivan St. in Portland all the way out to Boring, Oregon. The trail is currently 14.2 miles one way. This is a great place to go biking, walking, or rollerblading.

Tryon Creek Nature Center‘s FREE Story and Stroll program integrate nature exploration, art, literature, movement, and outdoor play.  It is geared toward families with young children (preferably ages 2-6) but all are welcome.

Tulip Festival (April or May )

Washington Park Playground

Wahclella Falls Hike


Cool Portland Bars, and Hangouts in Portland

10 Best Cocktails in Portland

11 more places you should go for cocktails in Portland!

10 Best Bloody Marys in Portland

Bars with great views: Portland City Grill, Xport, and Departures.

Al’s Den – Super weird bar.

Doug Fir Lounge is good for live music at night.

Expatriate – A very “Portland” bar with good food and drinks. 

Ground Kontrol is an arcade bar with lots of old school video games.

Henry’s Tavern – Henry’s is always a good place to go inside the airport. 


Kell’s – An Irish bar that’s always lively. 

Landmark Saloon – A “Texas” like bar.

McMenamins Passport – a must-have if you are going to hit up a bunch of Mcmenamins.

Multnomah Whiskey Library – This is a really cool bar, but difficult to get into.

Pix Patisserie

Over and Out

River Pig Saloon – This place is so great on so many levels. The food is really good, even though everything is fried. They’ve got good beer and good cocktails. If you go on a Tuesday sometimes you can play chicken shit bingo, which everyone needs to play at least once in their life.

Xport Bar and Lounge

Xport Bar and Lounge

Xport – This is a killer rooftop bar on top of The Porter hotel.

Where to Stay in Portland, Oregon

16 Unique Portland Hotels

The Duniway – has a pool and rooftop hangout!

Abigail's Hideaway at the Duniway

Abigail’s Hideaway at the Duniway

Heathman Hotel – We had such a nice stay here. The Heathman could quite possibly be the quietest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. If you are a light sleeper and do not want to hear all the people around you I highly recommend staying here. The location was great. We were able to walk everywhere we wanted to go. It’s close to Pioneer Square and the main mall downtown. We didn’t need public transportation, but if we had the Max stop was super close too. The room service food was so good we ended up ordering it twice. The breakfast portions are huge. If you have kids with you they could easily split a plate.

Hotel Lucia – Staying here was great. The room was small but cute. I loved that there were so many Oregon local items in the minibar! Even the complimentary tea and coffee if the room was local. The bathroom was a little too small. Be sure to watch the video and make sure you are okay with a room this small.


Hotel Vintage– I enjoyed staying here a great deal. My room was spacious with two queen beds. The room was quiet. We heard no neighbors while staying here. The room service was outstanding. The food comes from the hotel restaurant. The lobby is cool and I enjoyed hanging out at the lobby bar. My kids loved the game room. They play pool and video games. Ask if they will upgrade you to a room with a patio. Chances are slim, but it never hurts to ask. 

Oregon Garden Resort – I adored this place. It’s a drive from Portland, but it was totally worth it. We were there for Christmas in the Garden. We ice skated and walked around the garden all lit up with 400,000-holiday lights. We also indulged in German food and stayed at the on-site hotel.

The Porter Hotel has a nice pool and hot tub! They also have a killer rooftop bar and the most phenomenal hotel robes I’ve ever used. 

The Porter Hotel pool

The Porter Hotel pool

RiverPlace Hotel

Vintage Trailer Resort – Way out in the Willamette Valley wine area. This place was so freaking cute. Our trailer was just darling.

Nearby Ski Resorts

Ski Bowl
Summit Ski Area

Things to do on Mt. Hood

Where to go sledding on Mt. Hood 

Portland Tips

7 Ways to save money in Portland

Cheap Activities in Portland

Military Discounts at Portland International Airport (PDX)

Best Portland Photo Booth Rental

Nearby Cities

Things to do in Eugene

Things to do in Salem

Kid-Friendly Wineries in Hood River

Kid-Friendly Wineries in Willamette Valley


Portland, Oregon Travel Guide with suggestions on where to stay, where to eat, and things to do.