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Meagan Shamy

Welcome to Mommy Travels a travel and lifestyle blog covering destinations around the world. Here you will find travel tips, reviews of hotels and restaurants, activity suggestions, itineraries, and more. Whether you are on a tight budget and need to stay close to home, or able to have a luxury European vacation, Mommy Travels will help you plan the ultimate family vacation.

I am a busy single mom to Noah 17, Eden 14, and Jonah 11. On any given day you can find me living the mom life of packing lunches and running a car pool in Portland, Oregon. On a more exciting day you might find the kids and myself swimming with elephants in Thailand or riding insane roller coasters in Orlando.

My email is MommyTravels at aol.com. (I started my blog before there was gmail, so attempt to withhold judgement!)

My 3 kids

You can find me on twitter @MeaganWristen and on Facebook.

I am originally from West Texas, obsessed with Tex-Mex food, and a proud Texas Tech Red Raider. I love God. I enjoy gardening, even though I have never been good at it. I love to read and enjoy a glass of wine while I sit in the hammock the kids and I weaved in Honduras. I enjoy writing and hanging out with my family and my girlfriends.


It has been my experience as an Air Force military wife being dragged moving all over the country: Texas, Mississippi, Oregon 3x, Idaho, Florida, Nevada, Alabama, Georgia, and Honduras that has given me a hatred for moving love for travel. Each time we moved I wanted to enjoy and explore the areas around us. Plus, depending on where we were stationed it was a trip in itself just to go see my mom.

Some of my first trips were Noah and I traveling from Columbus AFB in Mississippi back to Texas and New York to see my family. I still remember my first big road trip with Noah. It was a few weeks after September 11th and the base we were living on was in constant lock down. It was extremely difficult to get on and off the base, so I decided to take Noah to my mom’s house until things calmed down. I packed up my little two door 1995 Dodge Neon and we road tripped 913 miles to my mom’s. I had to stop often to nurse and change diapers. It took a couple of days, but we made it! Little did I realize back then that this was to be the 1st of hundreds of road trips we would take. At this point the kids and I have road tripped at least 25,000 miles in just the United States.

As my family grew, the travel had to become more kid friendly. Each time you add a another kid into the mix, it becomes more challenging to travel, but not impossible. When Eden was a baby she would cry all night at a hotel. The solution was a 32 foot RV and a lot of small camping trips around Idaho.

As more time went on I became a single mom, but that hasn’t stopped us from traveling the world. We just took our first trip to Asia! That’s how this family travel blog came to be and I hope you enjoy it.

I can also be found writing regularly as one of Travelocity’s Gnational Gnomads and as the Portland area expert at www.10best.com.

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