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Family Travel  and Lifestyle Blog

Mommy Travels is a family travel and lifestyle blog created in 2008 by Meagan Wristen. 

Meagan is the author and host of Mommy Travels. She will go anywhere in the world and try anything, especially if she can bring her three kids. Meagan is a millennial and single mom of Noah – 17, Eden – 14, and Jonah – 11, currently based in Portland, Oregon.

Mommy Travels’ readers are mostly women and they have the means to travel with their families. Contact Meagan at Mommytravels at

From Alexa: Based on internet averages, is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range 25-44, have children, are college educated and browse this site from home.


  • Domain Authority 43, Alexa rank of 62,040
  • 205,884 page views and 144,779 unique monthly visitors.
  • 50,770 followers Twitter
  • 7,630 Facebook fans and 1,463 friends.
  • Facebook Community with 25,450+ members
  • 23,305 Pinterest followers (872,056 monthly views)
  • 45,800 Instagram followers
  • YouTube 1007 followers, 207,131 views
  • Snapchat score 13,783 with an average of 400 – 1600 views per snap
  • TripAdvisor readers: 125,448; 121 helpful votes (top 1% most read reviewers of all time)
Mommy Travels analytics

Mommy Travels analytics

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Work with Mommy Travels

Want to reach household decision-makers? Do you have a product, service or organization that women ages 24-45 should know about?

Meagan is a marketer by trade working with brands building Pinterest strategies and Twitter chats, so she understands the importance of influencer impact. Having worked both sides, the marketing and the influencer side Meagan can craft custom content for your brand that is well received by her affluent readers.

Sponsored Travel and Local Events:

My family loves to travel the country & attend shows, movies, & special events in the Pacific Northwest area, especially in Portland, Oregon. If you would like me to share our travel experiences at your destination feel free to email me at

Your destination will be featured here on Mommy Travels. Your destination may also be featured on one or more of the sites I write for, including TravelocityUSA Today10Best.comYelp, and TripAdvisor.

Product Reviews

I am happy to blog about family travel, events and products on this blog if it is a good fit. I mostly write reviews on things I have purchased myself, or would have, and would recommend to my friends. I do several gift guides a year.


My sidebars run on the left and right side of the blog and space is available above and below the fold, as well as, the Leaderboard above the fold.

Please contact me at MommyTravels at to discuss. Current ad rates are based on traffic.

Upcoming Trips

My family always has a few trips planned. If you see that I am going to be in your area and would like to host part of our trip contact me at

  • Oregon (based year round)
  • Japan summer 2019
  • Thailand summer 2019
  • Cambodia summer 2019
  • Malaysia summer 2019
  • Singapore summer 2019

Companies I’ve Worked With:pr friendly blog

Voted as Top 10 Family Travel Blogs in the World by VoiceBok 2014

Named one of the TOP FAMILY TRAVEL BLOGS 2016 by HelloTravel

Named one of the Top 100 Travel Blogs 2017 by The Smart Lad


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