Tum-E Yummies is bringing the ultimate family fun experience with Color Vibe™! Color Vibe™, is a color-blast 5K race for all ages that is all about having fun for the whole family while getting covered from head to toe with splashes of color* as you walk or run your way to the finish line – it’s just as colorful as Tum-E Yummies!


Tum-E Yummies will be onsite at the race in Portland offering free samples, giveaways and an interactive photo experience to capture colorful photos of race participants after visiting the Tum-E Yummies tent for colorful face paint and temporary tattoos – a colorful keepsake of the fun day you and your family will experience.


Tum-E Yummies is a line of fruit-flavored, non-carbonated drinks for kids, providing 100% daily value of vitamins C, B6, and B12 at only 50 calories per bottle in a spill-proof sports cap bottle, perfect for on-the-go fun and refreshment!

The color used at Color Vibe™ races is 100% safe, edible, biodegradable, and beautiful. The color packets are D&C approved and non-toxic.

Race Tips

Now this isn’t going to be our first time running this 5k as a family. We ran one a few years back and I learned a few things worth passing along.

  • Wear sunglasses – whether it’s sunny or not a pair of sunglasses will help prevent the color powder from getting into your eyes.
  • At the end of the race stand once you’ve gotten all the pictures you want, stand in front of one of the fans they have set up and blow the powder off your clothes.
  • Dress silly if you want. This is the perfect place to dress wacky and colorful.
  • Wear older tennis shoes.
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Color Vibe Race Day Survival Kitbasket

I’ve created a race day survival kit for with specific items. Here is a list of what I put in my so you can create your own.

You will need the towels and wipe for after the race when you are trying to clean up a bit. The snacks are also for after because everyone will be hungry after running. It can be a little tough getting out of the parking lot/area after the race, so you definitely want snacks for the kids while you wait. Last time it took us an hour to get out of the parking lot.

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