One of the things I have exercised with my kids for many years is having them travel journal during our trips.  Keeping a travel journal is a fun activity for youngsters and an incredible way to preserve memories.  My kids and I often go back and read the things they wrote on various holidays.

A printable travel journal for kids to use during a trip

When Noah was in 4th grade we went and lived in Honduras for 4 or 5 weeks. I had each kid journal off and on while we were there. A few months ago we came across his journal and read it. As I write this he is now a sophomore in high school, so this was about 6 years ago. In his travel journal, he goes on and on about how disgusting the bathrooms were!  Now keep in mind, we have done all these unbelievable things in Honduras. We snorkeled in the Bay Islands, went zip lining in Copan, and lots more.  It was amusing that all he wrote about was the bathrooms, but he was right, they were awful!  This was his first time in a 3rd world nation and he was making observations only a 9 year old boy can make. It was neat to find out what made the biggest impression on him even if it was a little silly.

Travel Journal for Kids

To help you get started, I have printable travel journals for kids. This one is for preschool and young elementary children. All you have to do is print them out and then let them start filling them out. There are three different pages you will need to print out. 

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Cover Page Printable – This cover page allows your child to take ownership of their travel journal.

Daily Journal Printable – You will want to print out one of these travel journal pages for each day that you will be traveling. For example, if you are traveling for 5 days print out 5 copies.

Daily Drawing Printable – In addition to the daily travel journal sheet you will want to print out this page for each day you are traveling. Sometimes the best way for kids to document is through art. This printable allows them to draw what they did that day.

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I recommend getting a 1-inch binder and hole punching the sheets and keeping them in the binder. Or you could just staple them, that works too!

And don’t forget some pencils and crayons.

Printable Travel Journal for TweensPrintable travel journal for tweens and older kids

This printable Kid’s Travel Journal and Fun Guide is more for upper elementary students and tweens. The travel journal includes 26 Pages of Trip Planning Worksheets, Car Games, Travel Journal Pages, Travel Itineraries, and more! You can customize your journal by printing out as many copies of the journal pages as needed. 

Kid’s Travel Journal and Fun Guide


Summer Journal for Kids Kid's Summer Journal and Fun Guide

Before you head out on your summer adventures download our Kid’s Summer Journal and Fun Guide.

This Summer Journal & Fun Guide will give your kid motivation for filling their summer with new activities and ways to challenge themselves. It also serves as a keepsake journal to help them record their favorite memories with their own drawings, photos, and writing.

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In this journal there are 22 pages of summer bucket lists, reading scavenger hunts and reading logs, reward charts, summer fun challenges, calendars, journal pages, and more!

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