Looking for an easy to make, yet incredibly refreshing cocktail? Look no further than this Raspberry Lime Ricky.

This is a great cocktail to make in the summer season when you have lots of fresh raspberries. However, with its reddish coloring, it also makes for a great holiday cocktail! Plus, it has Chambord. Chambord makes everything better!
serves 1 8oz glass

3 to 4 fresh raspberries

1 slice of lime, skin removed
1 oz Chambord
1 oz Citron vodka
1oz Raspberry vodka
1 oz of fresh lime juice
1/4 tsp. simple syrup
Raspberry lemonade

Slice of lime, raspberries, and mint to garnish.

In a small bowl, muddle together the raspberries and lime slice.
Set aside.
Add Chambord, both vodkas, fresh lime juice, and simple syrup into a bar shaker.
Shake vigorously.
Add your muddled raspberry mix in a glass, add ice.
Pour your liquor on top.
Top with sparkling water.
Garnish with lime, raspberries, and mint.
Raspberry Lime Ricky