Are you an off-road enthusiast lookin’ for some adventure outside of the bright lights of Las Vegas? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up 9 of our favorite spots for off-roading in and around the city—so get ready to hit the dusty trail! 

Keep in mind that Las Vegas is part of the Nevada desert and you will want to be dressed accordingly with closed-toe shoes and a bandana, goggles, and a bandana or buff to cover your mouth and nose. No one wants dirt in their eyes, nose, or mouth. Vegas is super hot in the summer so you may want to wear shorts instead of long pants. You will also want to make sure you have plenty of water, especially on a super hot day.

Where to Find ATV Riding in the Vegas Area 

From Eldorado Canyon to Valley of Fire State Park, there are plenty of trails and dunes to explore. Off-roading is a great time for families or even a small group. This is an especially great thing to do with teenagers in Las Vegas

1. Eldorado Canyon Eldorado Canyon

Just a short drive from downtown Las Vegas lies Eldorado Canyon, home to some of the best ATV trails in Nevada. With rugged mountain terrain, stunning views of Lake Mead, and plenty of places to camp or picnic, it’s no wonder why this is a must-see destination for outdoor enthusiasts. There’s even an old gold mine that you can explore! 

2. Valley of Fire State Parkvalley-of-fire

Located just an hour outside of Sin City is Valley of Fire State Park, home to over 40 miles of diverse terrain perfect for ATV riding. From red sandstone formations and petroglyphs carved by ancient civilizations to spectacular sunsets over sweeping desert landscapes—there’s something here for everyone! Plus, you can take a break and check out the hieroglyphs left here by Native Americans.

3. Nellis Dunes

Get ready for some serious adrenaline rushes at Nellis Dunes! This expansive desert playground offers steep hills with breathtaking views as well as plenty of flat open space ideal for cruising around on your ATV. It’s also one of the few places near Las Vegas where you can legally drive at night with your headlights on—just make sure you stay away from any military installations nearby. 

4. Logandale Trail System

This network of trails is located just north of Las Vegas and is great for both experienced riders looking for a challenging ride as well as novices looking to practice their skills in a more controlled environment. The Logandale Trails System offers something for everyone—from rugged mountain passes to wide open meadows perfect for leisurely rides. 



5. Hidden Valley 

Hidden Valley is located just outside of Las Vegas and offers a unique landscape that can be explored on an ATV. The area features sandstone formations, petroglyphs, washes, and more. You’ll find plenty of challenging terrain as well as lots of open desert space to explore. Be sure to bring plenty of water with you as there are no services in the area. 

6. Red Rock Canyonred-rock-canyon

The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is one of the most popular outdoor recreation spots near Las Vegas. This conservation area offers stunning views, abundant wildlife, and miles of trails that can be explored on an ATV. The trails range from easy to challenging and offer something for everyone from novice riders to experienced thrill-seekers. Keep in mind that you will need a permit in order to ride your ATV here so make sure you plan accordingly. 

7. Primm Valley 

If you’re looking for an adventure off the beaten path then Primm Valley is worth checking out! Located just 30 minutes south of Las Vegas, this desert oasis features rolling hills and wide-open spaces ideal for exploring with an ATV. There are several trails ranging from easy to difficult so there’s something for everyone here too! Additionally, Primm Valley also has some excellent camping sites where you can spend a few days taking in the sights and sounds of nature while riding your ATV around this rugged landscape. 

8. Historic Mining Town Of Goodsprings Goodsprings 

Goodsprings is a historic mining town located just 40 minutes south of Las Vegas that offers a truly unique experience for those who enjoy exploring on their ATVs. Here you’ll find miles of old mining roads that weave through rugged terrain, steep cliffs, and abandoned mineshafts waiting to be explored! Goodsprings also has several excellent camping sites if you want to spend the night under starry skies after a long day riding your ATV along these old mining roads. 

9. Las Vegas Dunes

Last but not least is Las Vegas Dunes, another popular spot frequented by locals and tourists alike. Here you’ll find everything from high dunes perfect for sandboarding (or sand skiing if you’re feeling adventurous!) to low dunes that are great for beginners learning how to ride an ATV. And if you stick around until sunset, you’ll be treated to stunning views over Lake Mead and beyond! 

Take an ATV Tour

There are tour operators around the Las Vegas area that offer the chance to have a good time by taking an off-road tour no matter your experience level. A professional guide will show you every thing you need to know to drive an ATV, provide safety gear, and take you out on some awesome off-road trails.

Las Vegas ATV Tours

For those who don’t have their own ATV or RZR but still want to experience all that off-roading has to offer, check out Las Vegas ATV Tours. They provide guided tours through some of the most popular trails in the area, including Valley of Fire State Park and Nellis Dunes. Plus, they offer single-day and multi-day packages so you can customize your adventure however you’d like. 

Vegas Off-RoadTruck off-roading in Vegas

SPEEDVEGAS Motorsports Park one of the most exhilarating elite driving destinations in the world has an extreme truck racing experience: Vegas Off-Road. This rugged, adrenalin-fueled course thrills those who want to take the experience off the pavement and onto the dirt track. Vegas Off-Road features the only off-road track experience in Las Vegas.

This 1-mile course consists of nine challenging turns, three massive jumps, ramps, and top-speed capabilities. Guests can pilot specialized, custom-built high-performance Baja race trucks designed with huge travel suspension to absorb large bumps, dips and jumps while drivers travel at high speeds and soar up to 10 feet in the air on the private dirt track. Guests who want to compare their racing line with a pro, or who simply don’t want to drive, can experience the full adrenaline potential of this thrilling experience as the passengers of a pro racer. 

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just getting started with off-roading adventures, there’s something here in Las Vegas (and beyond) that will satisfy your thirst for excitement! So gather up your friends or family members and get ready to hit up these awesome destinations—it’ll be a trip y’all won’t soon forget!  Happy Riding!!

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