Disclosure: Refresh Your Car sent me a product review package in order to facilitate this review.RYC_Logo_BlueSolid

Refresh Your Car! is the only EPA approved automotive products that cleans, conditions, sanitizes and protects interior automotive surfaces. *Kills Staphylococcus Aureus (Staph) and Enterobacter Aerogenes.IMG_5237.JPG

Did you know that cars are a breeding ground for bacteria?

I didn’t know and in fact, had never really even thought about it. We take massive road trips and practically live in our car for days at a time. I always clean up the car after a trip, but I hadn’t really thought about whether or not I was sanitizing the car.IMG_5655.JPG

Refresh Your Car has created multiple types of wipes designed to keep your car clean, keep it smelling good, and protecting it too. My favorite thing they sent me were the Hawaiian-scented details wipes. I used them throughout the car. Each wipe has plenty of cleaner in it. Just look how foamy this single wipe was.

Refresh Your Car Detail Wipes

Refresh Your Car Detail wipes kill bacteria while cleaning at the same time. They also have a sun-blocking agent in them to protect the car’s interior.


The typical steering wheel has 9x more bacteria than a public toilet.


Refresh Your Car Leather Wipes

Their leather wipes are designed to enhance leather and increase the longevity of the surface, while also cleaning the leather. I have leather in both of my cars and thought that the wipes did an excellent job. The photo below shows a seat not treated, followed by the same seat that is treated. I can definitely tell a difference. Hopefully, you can too!