When we travel, we try to save money at restaurants since there are five of us and that can quickly become our biggest expense if we are not careful. I use various websites to save money on eating at restaurants.

1. Restaurants.com – I use this website constantly. On this website you can search by zip code for $25 certificates to restaurants. I only buy if I have a discount code. Normally you would have to pay $10 for a certificate, but often times with a discount code I can get it for only $2.

2. Groupon.com – I am fairly new to this site, because they only offer good deals in big cities. Often times it is for other stuff, not restaurants. About once a week they offer a good deal on dining so it is worth checking out if you live in an area they offer services in.

3. LivingSocial’s Daily Deals – This is the same idea as Groupon. It is only available in most cities, including European cities. They offer an array of deals, many of which are restaurants.

4. Entertainment book – They have these in all kinds of cities and there are always a lot of restaurant coupons.

5. Facebook – Check the Facebook pages of the restaurant you want to go to. Sometimes they are offering a deal or special. Many Facebook pages have a coupon section. 

6. Instagram – Often times restaurants are offing deals now on their Instagram pages.