Restaurante Casa Colonial (Colonial House Restaurant) Also know as Ricardo’s is located in the Central Park of Comayagua, Honduras, next to the cathedral.  We got the chance to eat there on our family trip into the town.

According to locals, this is the best restaurant in Comayagua.  I think most people would agree.  It is a great place filled with art and antiques.  This is the front room of the Ricardo’s.

We sat in the middle room.  It had a romantic fill to it.  Behind this room is a large outdoor patio and clean restrooms.  There was no AC inside, so next time we will sit outside.

Pictured here are what they called Enchiladas.  We would call them tostadas or chalupas.  These enchiladas were phenomenal.  Probably the best thing we ordered!

Restaurante Casa Colonial by Ricardo, Comayagua Honduras

These are the tacos, also very good.

I got the typical plate “Plato tipico”.  It came with plantains covered in cream, rice, grilled steak, cheese, beans, and salsa.  It was good.

The jalapeno steak with rice, potatoes, and beans.  The grilled potatoes were the second best thing on any of our plates.  I don’t know what they season them with, but they were excellent.

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