Over the years I have spent a lot of time shopping online. 20140928-124248-45768887.jpgI live up in Oregon and often times can’t find what I want locally, because I’m from West Texas and have West Texas taste. My sister and I joke that our taste is “West Texas Fabulous”, because out there everyone definitely has a specific style.

What is “West Texas Fabulous”?

This basically goes for everything you can think of. Big cars, big churches, big hair, lots of jewelry, lavish home decor, gorgeous makeup, and killer boots. We think crosses, Texas, and hearts look good on almost anything, because they do. Also, we find that cowgirl boots can go with pretty much any outfit. We love God and the Dallas Cowboys. We also wear turquoise year round. 

These are an example of some of the Cowgirl Boots I’ve been eyeing online lately on Country Outfitter. These have a splash of silver in them, which is not only one of this year’s fall trends, but they are also West Texas fabulous. I personally like the silver cowgirl boots. What do you think? Would you wear some like these?

20141001-114113-42073637.jpgOr would you go for completely silver boots like Miranda Lambert did? I flipped when I saw her silver cowgirl boots. My best friend got married last year and we all wore cowgirl boots with our dresses, even the flower girl (aka my daughter). The men all wore boots too, including both of my boys. IMG_2140.JPG (2) wedding bootsIt’s funny to me because Oregonians make comments about me wearing cowgirl boots all the time. They seem to think that this is a novelty or something, because I am from Texas!

Personally, I can’t figure out why they are not wearing them too. I mean it rains all the time here and the ground is always wet. Look at that photo of my sister and I. It is April and the weather is 20140928-124318-45798322.jpgcold, wet, and rainy. So, why wouldn’t you wear a stylish pair of cowgirl boots around to keep your feet warm, dry, and looking good. (Granted, if I am taking the kids to play at the pumpkin patch I’ll be wearing rain boots. What can I say, I do not like getting mud all over my boots.)

FYI – Cowgirl boots also keep your feet warm when you are flying around on military planes.

These are my favorite boots right now! I ordered them from Country Outfitter cowgirl bootsand got them just in time, because it started raining and got cold within days of getting them. Plus, my son’s football team’s colors are blue. How great is that.

Turns out my sister loves them too. She was just in town and ask me to give them to her and had many reasons why I should! She had some pretty good reasons, but I just couldn’t part with them!

I know some people do not like ordering shoes online, but unlike many shoes sites Country Outfitter offers half sizes. I don’t know about you, but I have to have a half size.

I rocked my cowgirl boots right down to the school today and everybody went nuts over them! I’m also wearing my new shirt I just got. I’m so country I rock the orange, blue combo with dangle sparkly earrings.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Country Outfitter.