Scotland’s Isle of Skye is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. With gorgeous beaches, dreamy easy walks, quaint restaurants, castles, and even cute harbor villages, romance can be found throughout the island.

In this guide to a romantic weekend on Isle of Skye, I’m sharing the best place to stay on Skye, and a guide to each of the two sections of the Isle of Skye, one to explore for each day of your weekend getaway.

While living in Scotland for two and a half years, my husband and I visited the Isle of Skye many times. This guide doesn’t included all the things to do on the Isle of Skye, but instead, focuses on the romantic bits this small Scottish Isle gives.

Let’s dive in!

Where to Stay for a Romantic Escape to the Isle of Skye

I recommend finding a charming bed and breakfast in Portree. Portree is a quaint harbor village, where the buildings and accommodations sit above the harbor, giving a top down view of the boats and waterfront.

Portree is perfectly placed right in the center of the two halves of the Isle of Skye, making it the perfect place to stay for the entire weekend exploring this amazing island.

Getting to and Around the Isle of Skye

I recommend renting a car and driving to the Isle of Skye. There is public transportation that can get you to Skye, however, to really enjoy your romantic weekend getaway, you’ll need your own vehicle.

There is a bridge connecting mainland Scotland and the Isle of Skye, and there are also a few ferry options for getting to the isle. The bridge is definitely the easiest way to reach Skye.

Keep in mind, if visiting Skye in the high season, you will need to prove you have accommodation lined up on the island, otherwise, you chance not being allowed on Skye. This seems strange, but it’s due to the over crowding of the small roads, and the island not being able to handle the amount of visitors it receives each year.

Day One | The Lower “Loop” of Skye

Dunvegan Castle Dunvegan Castle

Start your day today visiting one of seven castles on the Isle of Skye, Dunvegan Castle. This castle is the longest inhabited castle in Scotland. It was originally built to keep people out and away, however, now visitor’s are welcomed with opened arms.

At Dunvegan Castle, you can partake in a boat tour to the local seal colony, enjoy walking the grounds of the castle gardens, and sip on tea and have a wee breakfast at the MacLeod Table Cafe. Dunvegan Castle gardens

Once you finish up at Dunvegan Castle, make your way south, to the Talisker Distillery. This is a 45 minute to one hour drive. Take your time and enjoy the views of the coastline, stopping wherever you fancy most.

Talisker Distillery Tour Talisker Distillery Tour

Talisker is part of the Scottish Single Malts, and the tours they offer are fabulous. Learn about the history of whisky in Scotland, see how whisky is made, and then finish the tour by sampling some of Talisker’s whisky!

Talisker whisky has a very smokey taste, so it’s super unique to other whisky around Scotland.

Lunch at the Oyster Bar

After sampling some of Talisker’s whisky, walk right up the road to the the Oyster Shed. While eating oyster’s may not sound like the most romantic thing to do — I’d argue differently.

There’s a spark of romance to be found when stepping out of your comfort zone with a loved one and doing something you wouldn’t normally do together. It’s also said that oysters are an aphrodisiac.. just saying! ;)

After lunch, you can either enjoy the waterfront for a bit around Talisker, or take the 15 minute drive to a short and easy hike at Fairy Pools.

Get Lost in the Romance of Fairy Pools Fairy pool on the Isle of Skye

Fairy Pools is a very popular place on the Isle of Skye to visit. It’s known for the gorgeous colors and crystal clear waters.

If they weather is nice, you can actually swim here. However, remember, you’re in Scotland after all, the water and outside temperature are likely to be very low.

After parking at the car park for Fairy Pools, cross the road, and walk down along the water hand in hand, until reaching the big pools and waterfall.

Take time to soak in your surroundings here. Sit snuggled up to your loved one, and just listen to the water trickling down the creek near you.

After enjoying your time at Fairy Pools, start your 40 minute drive back to Portree.

An Evening in PortreePortree Scotland

On your way back to Portree, be sure to stop and grab a bottle of wine and chocolates to enjoy in Portree before heading out for dinner. I also recommend grabbing snacks and drinks for your hiking day tomorrow.

There are a few different viewpoints in Portree, like The Lump, but you can also just enjoy the view of the harbor and sit and watch the sea as you enjoy some quiet time with your loved one.

Finishing up your wine and chocolate, pop into one of many restaurants in Portree before retiring back to your accommodation for the night. Tomorrow, you’ll be hiking early, so get some rest!

Day Two | The Upper “Loop” of Skye

Hiking Old Man Storr Old Man Storr hiking trail

If you fancy getting up for a sunrise hike, look no further than hiking the Old Man Storr. Located just 15 minutes north of Portree, this is a beautiful hike leading to astounding views.

The majority of the hike, the terrain is easy, however, there is some elevation gain involved. For those more adventurous, you can continue through the gate and up past the easy terrain, to hike up higher and get even better views. Old Man Storr trail hike

After your hike, head back to your accommodation if you haven’t checked out. Shower, check out, and then pop into a cafe to warm up and have breakfast before continuing the upper loop drive.

If you didn’t pop into a store last night, now would also be the time to grab some snacks and drinks from a store like the Co-Op, to fuel your day ahead.

Waterfall Hikes Along the Upper Loop

There are a couple different super easy waterfall hikes as you drive the northern or upper loop of the Isle of Skye.

Bride’s Veil Falls 

First, pop into the Bride’s Veil Falls. This waterfall is a short hike from the car park, and leads you to a waterfall coming down the hillside. It’s a beautiful cascading waterfall.

Jump back in your car and pass the now super busy Old Man Storr parking lot, and continue about ten miles to Kilt Rock Waterfall.

Kilt Rock Waterfall Kilt Rock Waterfall

Kilt Rock may just be one of the most stunning waterfalls on the Isle of Skye. This waterfall is night and day different than Bride’s Veil Falls.

Kilt Rock Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall, falling 90 meters straight off the cliff into the sea below.

The waterfall is quite the sight to see, as it’s free falling instead of cascade, out into thin air before dropping into the sea! The walk from the carpark is super short, and is very easy to access, even for those with limited mobility.

After soaking in the waterfall views at Kilt Rock, make your way to another iconic landmark on the Isle of Skye, the Quiraing.

Picnic at the Quiraing Picnic at the Quiraing

While your map apps will tell you the Quiraing is only about 15 minutes from Kilt Rock, be prepared for a bit longer of a drive. This road is a single track road, so with traffic comes congestion, and the drive time will be increased.

The Quiraing is a remarkable landscape in Scotland that will literally take your breath away. Looking at the cliffs and dips on the Isle of Skye from here leaves you breathless and in awe and wonder.

While you can certainly hike up into the Quiraing if you’d like to do another hike today, we recommend grabbing your picnic and just finding a place to sit and take in the views with your partner.

There are a handful of places to just sit and enjoy, so just find whatever spot you fancy mosts (make sure it’s not wet) and then have a nice picnic before continuing down this single track road!

Isle of Skye Brewing

After your picnic, continue your drive crossing over the island to the west coast. This road is a single track road, so be sure to give way to oncoming traffic and pay attention to where pull-outs are. Along this road, watch for sheep and great views too!

Pop into Isle of Skye Brewing for a last drink to enjoy on the water before you begin your drive off of the Isle of Skye. This brewery is also a great place to get souvenirs from Skye to bring back to others or to take home for you to enjoy with your loved one later as you reminisce over your romantic weekend on the Isle of Skye!

Final Thoughts on a Romantic Weekend on Isle of Skye 

The most romantic thing you can do on your weekend on Isle of Skye is to not be rushed, take it all in, and just go with the flow. If a place is speaking to you to stay longer or you’re really enjoying your time with your partner at one place… don’t leave there just to rush to the next.

Soak in the moments of romance you find and then nurture them instead of abruptly ending them just to check off another view or thing to do from this list.

Also remember, if visiting in the high season, drive times will be longer and parking lots may be full. In these cases, just pass on by, maybe go back later, or just find another place to enjoy! There’s so much beauty to explore on the Isle of Skye!

Guest author: Text and photos provided by Heather Arbour of ArboursAbroad. Heather is a full time travel writer who spent 2.5 years living in a van traveling through the United Kingdom and Europe. Find Heather, her husband, and their traveling cat on instagram @ArboursAbroad and @vantrails.

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