Planning a romantic getaway can be as thrilling as it is daunting. If you’ve chosen San Antonio, Texas, as your love nest for the weekend, congratulations—you’ve picked a city bursting with culture, history, and Texan charm. Below is a perfectly curated itinerary to ensure your days are filled with romance and maybe just a dash of adventure (because what’s love without a little excitement?). From luxurious spa treatments to moonlit ghost tours, here’s how to make every moment count in San Antonio.

Friday: Check-in and Charming BeginningsJW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country

Congratulations on choosing a great place to visit and stay! You’ve just pulled up to the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa by late afternoon, just in time to savor the luxury. (Get here as close to check-in time as possible so you can use the pool and lazy river before heading downtown to the river walk.)

Tonight, make sure you’ve got a reservation at Boudro’s, a wonderful steakhouse on the River Walk where you can sit right along the riverwalk. You don’t want to go too early because it will be hot and you don’t want to go too late because you want some daylight at least the beginning of your dinner. I had one of their phenomenal steaks and my guest had the fish both were great and the bread pudding was a delightful end to the meal. The guacamole is prepared tableside but they make it super chunky and next time we won’t get it. 

Boudro's on the River Walk

After dinner, stroll over to San Fernando Cathedral to witness Xavier de Richemont’s enchanting video art projection, “San Antonio The Saga.” It’s free, and frankly, you’ve already paid enough for those cocktails at dinner and parking!

San Fernando Cathedral

After the show, you can decide if you want to call it a night or if you want to continue your evening at a bar along the riverwalk. There’s great nightlife here so it will be easy to find something to do. 

Although this itinerary is built around staying at the JW Marriott in Hill Country I know some of you may want to stay in town. On the river walk I recommend Mokara Hotel and Spa and nearby at the Pearl I recommend Hotel Emma

Saturday: From Sidecars to Jazz Bars

Kick-off your day with a breakfast at the hotel. The hotel breakfast is a buffet so it won’t take long to eat.

At 10 AM, you’re scheduled for a fun sidecar tour (because you booked it in advance), meeting at Jardin Restaurant. Sounds romantic until you remember you’re sharing this tiny vehicle with helmets that definitely ruin your hair. JK, they are not that bad and the side cars are adorable and make for great photos. San Antonio Botanical Garden

Post-tour, enjoy strolling through the Botanical Garden until 2 PMish—because nothing says love like pollen and possible sneezing. The gardens are sprawling and I think it’s quite romantic especially the little area behind the rose garden. Bring a selfie stick or travel tripod cause this is a great place to get ‘couple photos’ together. 

Lunch today is a late one at Jardin just outside of the Botanical Center. Here you can dine on a variety of options. I went with mainly Greek food. (Yes, Eden was with me. I continue to have the majority of my romantic experiences with my kids or alone!)

Jardin at the Botanical Garden in San Antonio

Post-lunch, recharge, and relax or explore; your choice, but we suggest saving some energy.

Sometime between 4 PM – 6 PM have a wine tasting at Re-Rooted, an urban winery, because nothing enhances romance like a deep discussion over a perfect glass of wine. While you are there check and see if the owner is there, Jen Beckmann. Her wine background is fascinating and she can tell you so much about the wine you’ve decided to try and the unique artwork displayed on each bottle. ReRooted Winery in San Antonio

Evening plans could include the casual Freight Fried Chicken at the Pearl or one of the more upscale restaurants at the Pearl followed by a jazz concert at Jazz, TX. They have two shows a night so make sure to book the one that works best with your schedule. Freight Fried Chicken at the Pearl

Sunday: Spa, Golf, and KayakingJW Marriott Hill Country Golf Course

Start with a spa or golf morning at the resort. Spa for the sensible and golf for the brave. JK, that’s just what we happened to do. My super handsome guest wanted to golf and I wanted to hit the spa. So I went one way and he went the other. He gushed about the course. I don’t golf much but according to him it’s excellent.

The spa opens at 9 am on Sunday so I suggest booking the 1st appointment of the day. Your spouse may want to head out even earlier to golf to beat the heat and since it will likely take longer than the spa. The spa has a hot tub, aromatherapy room, saunce, and outside it’s own private pool and hot tub. 

Lantana Spa at JW Marriott Hill Country

For brunch or an early lunch, grab a quick bite if you’d like at La Panadería Bakery Café. It’s not fast food but it’s really good and super quick. There are several locations around the area. 

Kayaking the River Walk in San Antonio

Once you’ve polished off your quick brunch go kayak the river walk! That’s right you can kayak on some parts of it.  Enjoy an hour of paddling along the Museum Reach of the San Antonio River Walk. Kayaking is easy and there’s not a lot of river traffic in this area. When you check in they will be specific about where you can paddle back and forth too, so there’s no issue that you will go too far or get lost. 

After you are done kayaking treat yourselves to a late lunch at Southerleigh at Pearl. Their southern comfort food like fried green tomatoes is perfect after all your paddling. Also, their margaritas are the best in San Antonio, in my opinion. Southerleigh at the Pearl in San Antonio

This afternoon you can take a well-deserved nap or, if you’re feeling ambitious, whip out that CityPass you may have purchased and hit some attractions. It includes admission to top attractions like the San Antonio Zoo and the Alamo—because nothing spells romance like historical battlefields. We hit the zoo and the animals were so active I couldn’t believe it! Two bears got in a fight and it was the best thing ever. 

Range Steakhouse on the San Antonio Riverwalk (1)

Once you’ve woken from your nap or finished off your afternoon sightseeing head to Range on the riverwalk for an awesome dinner. One of the best parts of being in San Antonio is the food scene and the Range is definitely included in this. Everything we tried here was amazing. Devil's Whiskey Distillery in San Antonio

After dinner roll yourself out of Range and cap off your evening at Devil’s River Distillery with a whiskey flight, and live music. If you are lucky you might be able to score a tour. It’s short but interesting. They make quite a few different whiskey’s so plan to not drive anywhere after spending a little time here!

If a whiskey distillery isn’t something you are into, conclude your night with a ghost tour by RJA Ghost Tours instead. After all, what’s more romantic than bonding over potential paranormal sightings? Just remember to hold hands—you know, so you don’t get lost, or something spookier. Our tour guide was a massive weirdo but the tour was interesting and they have those ghost devices to help you talk to them which adds a layer of unexpected fun. 

Wrapping Up Your San Antonio Romance

Pack your bags and your new memories. Your romantic weekend in San Antonio might have been a bit cliché, a tad adventurous, and possibly haunted, but isn’t that what true love is all about? Safe travels home, and may your next getaway be just as magical, but with less scheduled sidecar rides.

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