Who wants a change from the regular cocktails? A lot of people love the idea of rum but aren’t sure what to mix it with. Fear not! This root beer rum slush cocktail is here to help you out. Made from fresh ingredients, this one concoction will have you sipping your way into mixology heaven and make all other drinks obsolete.

Whether you’re an experienced bartender looking for something new or are just starting out and prefer simple recipes, this is easy enough for anyone – plus, it’s delicious too! Get ready for a root beer blast with hints of creamy sweetness, all topped off by the warmth that comes from sipping on rum – now that’s what we call paradise in a glass!

Root Beer Rum Slush Cocktail

Root Beer Rum Slush Cocktail Recipe

Yield: 2 8 oz glasses
Prep Time: 5 min
Total Time: 5 min

4 oz Bacardi Rum
2 oz Whipped Cream Liquor
2 cans of Mug Root Beer
1 oz Simple Syrup Cocktail Mix (optional)
4 cups of ice
Garnish with whip cream and cherries

Add all ingredients to a blender.
Blend on high until slushy
Pour into glass and garnish with cherry.

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