Historic Route 66 is still jam-packed with resorts, restaurants, and attractions that will make your trip a vacation you’ll never forget. Even if you don’t have the time or inclination to travel the road in its entirety, Route 66 can still show you a good time. The attractions in Arizona alone will bring you a lot of entertainment and create lasting memories.

Petrified Forest National ParkPetrified Forest National Park

Petrified Forest National Park has one of the world’s largest collections of petrified wood. It is also home to fossils from over 200 different animal species. With lots of educational fun on offer, you can have a good time and collect information to fuel enough school projects to get all the kids through geography class with A+ marks!

Standin’ on the Corner Park

Have you ever been to a place immortalized in song? If you visit Standin’ on the Corner Park, you can join the ranks of thousands of people who have been “standing on a corner, in Winslow, Arizona” just like in the song “Take It Easy” by The Eagles. Now that’s a story!

Meteor Crater

Of course, you can’t miss Meteor Crater. The view of the crater is spectacular during the day, and at night you can witness impressive meteor showers. The nearby Meteor Crater Campground has an indoor pool and sets you up with discount coupons for local attractions if you stay there. Don’t forget the camera when visiting this one!

Lowell ObservatoryLowell Observatory

If you’ve ever been interested in the majesties of the cosmos, Lowell Observatory is a stop you don’t want to skip! With plenty of kid-friendly fun like Mars movies, interactive presentations, telescope viewing, and guest astronauts, your family will feel like they can touch the stars!

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Grand Canyon Deer FarmGrand Canyon Deer Farm

Have an animal lover in the family? Check out the Grand Canyon Deer Farm, where you can walk amongst the deer, pet them, and feed them out of your hand. The adorable, friendly creatures are just begging for your love and attention, so what are you waiting for?

Grand Canyongrand-canyon

You can’t take a trip through Arizona without visiting its most stunning natural formation: the Grand Canyon. With a breathtaking view, the Grand Canyon is one of the biggest natural tour stops. The nearby Grand Canyon Caverns is a hotel within the natural limestone caverns and caves. Guided hikes and horseback riding are just some of the fun experiences available to be had. Top off your trip by having fun and getting some breathtaking photographs of one of nature’s most stunning works of art.

Arizona is a state with much to offer your vacation, and there are plenty of attractions right along Historic Route 66 that will give you and your family memories to cherish forever.

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