Matchbox Cars – Scrap Yard Adventure

We were so excited when Matchbox cars sent us a fun toy to try out: Big Rig Buddies Scrap Yard Adventure.  It came on a great day too.  My son had taken a nap without throwing a fit, so I used it as a prize for good behavior! (That’s right I bribe my children sometimes.)
Like any other 4 year old he loves matchbox cars.  Surprisingly enough my other two kids still play with cars too; sometimes.  They have been having a lot of fun with this set.  It is a different from other car sets I have gotten the kids in the past.  Like they others it has many moving parts, but this one you set up.  You can set it up the way you like.  Of course this means more pieces, instead of just one car track.
I like the fact that the kids have to think about how to put it together and then can brain storm for other ways to put it together.  It is never to early to work on your child’s engineering skills.
The truck it came with was unique too.  It is flexible so the truck can move.

matchbox cars