Sesame Place is a Sesame Street theme park located near Philadelphia in the town of Langhorne, Pennsylvania. It is designed to reflect the children’s television show “Sesame Street” and has the characters ready for a parade or photo opportunity throughout the day. Visitors can choose from a large selection of rides, water rides and shows to entertain them. Though this park is targeted towards smaller children, all rides are also for the parents, which makes Sesame Place a great place for family fun.Sesame Place

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Layout of the Park

When visitors first enter the park, they will see many different colorful displays of muppets made out of flowers. There is also a large “Sesame Place” sign for visitor to walk under as the enter the park. The two larger roller coasters are on either side at the front of the park with the dry rides being on the right and the water rides being on the left of the park reaching all the way to the back. The middle section is the “Sesame Street Neighborhood” where visitors can see a show or watch the parade.

Sesame Place RidesSesame Place Rides

There are a number of rides that are mostly targeted towards children from toddlers to those in the early school years. They also have a few roller coaster options that might excite those a bit bigger.

  • Blast Off: A spaceship that goes straight up and then drops down. Repeat!
  • Captain Cookie’s High Cs Adventure: Small ships follow each other in a circle as they go up and down riding the imaginary waves.
  • Elmo’s Cloud Chaser: Spin around in a chair swing as you go up in the sky.
  • Flyin’ Fish: Sit in a fish that spins around and goes up and down.
  • Flying Cookie Jars: Cookie jars that look like hot-air balloons and go high in the sky to overlook the park.
  • Honker Dinger Derby: Small cars that twist and turn as they go up and down.
  • Mini Monster Clubhouse: A padded playground for children 5 years old and younger.
  • Mix ‘n’ Match Twiddle Tracks: Small train ride for the very little visitors.
  • Monster Clubhouse: A larger playground that is for guests of all sizes.
  • Monster Mix Up: Bowls that go around in circles that can also be spun extra by the visitors inside.
  • Oscar’s Rotten Rockets: Mini spaceships that go around in a circle and can be thrusted to the side
  • Oscar’s Wacky Taxi Roller Coaster:  A large roller coaster with a high drop and fast speeds.
  • Peek-A-Bug: A garden bug that slides from side to side and back to forth.
  • Snuffy’s Slides: Large dry slides.
  • Sunny Day Carosel: Muppet-themed merry-go-round.
  • The Count’s Fly By: Small planes that swing as you go around in a circle.
  • The Castle Swing: A large, 6-person swing that goes back and forth and up in the sky.
  • The Count’s Cruisers: Bumper cars.
  • Vapor Trail: Another large roller coaster with lots of twists and turns.
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Sesame Place Water RidesSesame Place Hours

  • Bert and Ernie’s Slip ‘n’ Slide: A body slide that lands in a shallow pool. Perfect for all ages.
  • Big Bird’s Rambling River: A winding stream of water, where guests travel on circular tubes.
  • Ernie’s Waterworks: A water playground with buckets, spouts and channels. 
  • Sesame Streak: A double-tube slide that has twists and turns. 
  • Sky Splash: The tallest of the tube slides that seats up to 8 at a time. 
  • Slimey’s Chutes: A double-tube slide made to suit younger children with a parent.
  • Slippery Slopes: A set of 4 body slides that are very low to the ground.
  • Teeny Tiny Tidal Wave: A wave pool that isn’t very deep. Perfect for guests of all sizes.
  • The Count’s Splash Castle: A large, family playground that has a water-filled bottom, water sprays at every turn and a large bucket that dumps water below.


Safety vests aka life jackets are provided for children on all the rides where they are required. Some rides also have height requirements and may require children to ride with an adult or with someone who is 14 years old or older. 

Pregnant can buy entrance tickets for half the price, since they are only allowed to try the following attractions: Sunny Day Carousel, Mini-Monster Clubhouse, Teeny, Tiny Tidal Wave Pool, and Ernie’s Waterworks. There are also plenty of shows and photo opps for expectant mothers to enjoy.


  • Elmo the Musical: Join Elmo and Cookie Monster as they solve a mystery while performing a musical located in the Sesame Studio.
  • Our Street is Sesame Street: Join Abby Cadabby, Cookie Monster and Big Bird as they perform and song and dance show at the Sesame Street Neighborhod.
  • Storytime with Abby Cadabby: The muppet Abby Cadabby tells children a story in Mr. Hooper’s Emporium
  • Storytime with Julia: The muppet Julia tells children a story in Mr. Hooper’s Emporium
  • Storytime with Zoe: The muppet Zoe tells children a story in Mr. Hooper’s Emporium
  • The Art of Magic: Join Abby Cadabby, Elmo, Grover, Cookie Monster and Telly as they create magic through art located in the Sesame Place Neighborhood Theater.
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Other AttractionsSesame Place attractions

  • Neighborhood Street Party Parade: All muppets are present in this 11-float parade with 3 performances. It will occur on Main Street in front of the Sesame Street Neighborhood.
  • Photo Opportunities
  • Abby Cadabby’s Garden
  • 123 Stoop
  • Big Bird’s Nest
  • Elmo and Friends Photo Studio

Restaurants at Sesame Place

There are three restaurants available at Sesame Place.

  • Elmo’s Eatery: restaurant with two floors
  • Cookie’s Café: cafeteria-style with two floors
  • Captain Ernie’s Bistro: cafeteria-style with option of outdoor seating

Abby Cadabby Wristband

Visitors can buy an “Abby’s Unlimited Magic Queue” Wristband for all-day access of skipping the lines for specific rides. These can be purchased at the ticket kiosk at the entrance to the park.

Family Care Center

The Family Care Center is a building located near the Sunny Day Carousel and has extra services for families. These include: 4 private nursing areas, bottle warmers, changing stations, ID bracelets for children.

Special Needs Accessibility

Sesame Place is wheelchair assessable and offers wheelchair rentals. It also has many accommodations for those with hearing and visual impairments, as well as to those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Visitors with food allergies can also receive special services. See all Sesame Place has to offer on their Accessibility Page.

Strollers and Lockers

Large, double strollers can be rented at Sesame Place. Lockers are located near the Count’s Splash Castle and can be rented with a credit card or cash when you are at the park.

Sesame Place Ticket Prices (2019)Sesame Place Tickets

  • One-Day Ticket: $74.99 / Save $15 if you buy online
  • Two-Day Ticket: $89.99 / Save $20 if you buy online
  • Season Pass: There are 4 season pass options to choose from with lots of extras. 
  • Military Discount: Free single-day admission for active duty members and up to 3 dependents. (Register online and have an ID ready on the day of your visit.)
  • Group Rates: Special rates for groups of 15 or more. (Ticket prices depend on time of year and Sesame Place recommends that they be bought online.)
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Sesame Place Hours

Sesame Place is open daily from May to August and then has special days and weekend hours throughout the rest of the year. See here to check your travel date for opening hours and special events.

Sesame Place Parking

Parking is available in the Sesame Place parking lot. For a closer spot, guests can pay $20 to park in the preferred parking space, but spots here are limited. Those needing special handicapped spots, may need to contact Sesame Place in advance to assure a spot.

Address to Sesame Place

100 Sesame Road

Langhorne, PA 19047


Q: Can I bring my own food to Sesame Place?

A: No. Restaurants are available inside Sesame Place if guests need to make a food purchase. Special consideration is allowed to babies and those with a special diet. Picnic areas are located in the parking lot.

Q: Can I have my child’s birthday party here?

A: Yes. There are two different party options.

Q: Can we arrange a special meal with one of the muppet characters?

A: Yes. Sesame Place offers different dining options that are themed throughout the year.

Q: If we are coming from out of town, are there any special hotel packages that go along with Sesame Place?

A: Yes. Sesame Place offers a number of different options for hotel/park packages that are time sensitive. 

Overall Impression

Overall, this is a fantastic amusement park for smaller children. Though there are a few rides and water rides that attract older children, the layout, theme and intensity level of the rides are all very small-child-friendly. With the shows, parades and photo opportunities, families have more options for experiencing life with the muppets of Sesame Street, and the great mixture of dry and water rides allows guests to get a full experience. Stop by during Halloween or Christmas to get a different view of the park and your favorite characters.

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Guest Author: Kelly Kristensen from My New Danish Life.How to plan the perfect day at Sesame Place

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