Did you know that there is an entire theme park in Pennsylvania dedicated to Sesame Street? We went there for a last-minute day trip after visiting Baltimore. Sesame Place is small but packed with fun. I actually enjoyed the fact that the park was small. I had all three kids with me by myself, and the park was easy to manage.

Sesame Place a Young Child’s Dream Come True!Sesame-Place-Rides

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All Toddlers Will Love Sesame Place

Sesame Place’s target audience is families with toddlers. Which makes it great in most ways, but a pain in other ways. For example, to get on the lazy river you have to wait in line and the lifeguard helps every single person. This is perfect if you have young children and need help. If you are like me and have older kids then it stinks to have to stand in line for so long.Sesame Place

The best advice I can give you is to bring a bathing suit. I would guess that 65% of this park is water features.

Again, because the park is toddler-friendly most of the water play areas are shallow. I think the deepest water in the park was the lazy river. There were at least two splash pads and one very shallow pool.Sesame Place

It’s definitely worth the wait for the large family tube ride, it was so fun. To check on wait times and get other info they have an app you can download.Sesame Place attractions

If you are not into water rides there is still plenty to do. The climbing course was massive, but a bit too difficult for my five year old. Luckily, there are lots of rides (including this yellow bouncy thing you see in the picture below) right next to the climbing area. This play area is a great place for multiple ages. Your older kids can run around while still insight, while you are nearby with the younger kid.
 Sesame Place the Sesame Street theme park

Sesame Place Tips

They have life jackets, but not towels. Bring your own towels!

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If it rains they give you a rain check to come another day.

You can bring in your own snack food in a small cooler, 10x10x12 or smaller.

Character meals are fairly cheap, so they are worth doing for time with the characters. If you attend the character breakfast you get early access to the park.

Consider wearing water shoes.

After 3:00 P.M. they offer a substantial admission discount.

You can skip the lines if you purchase the “Abby’s Magic Queue”. Prices vary on how many they’ve sold that day.

If you are pregnant, you can get a bracelet that allows you to skip some of the lines. Pregnant mothers also receive half off admission.

The parade is pretty good.

During the Let’s Play Together show the characters dance with kids on the first couple of rows.

You can buy 2 days worth of tickets for the price of one. Sesame Place Any Day Ticket with FREE 2nd Visitimage 3447064 13002967 This ticket can be used later in the year for the 2nd day.Sesame Place Theme Park


If one of your family members is in the military you and your family will receive free admission for four people. You must have a valid id. If you are a spouse, you can show your ID without the active duty member there. 


Letter From Elmo!

Surprise your child with a letter from Elmo! Here is a letter you can download and edit: Letter from Elmo announcing your trip to Sesame Place. 

Free printable letter from Elmo for you trip to Sesame Place

Download Letter from Elmo here!


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