The trendiest hairstyle on Tik Tok right now must be the wolf cut. It’s been taking Tik Tok by storm for the better part of this year, and we thought, why not jump on the bandwagon? After all, we are always looking for the coolest hairstyles to share with our readers.

Remember how the shag and the mullet hairstyles raged last year, with celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Keke Plamer, and Rihanna rocking them to perfection? Well, the wolf haircut is their baby, and it looks like it is about to eclipse the parents. 

The wolf cut borrows the length and volume from the mullet style and gets the edgy and wild look from the shag. The style has a lot of texture and movement going on because of the shaggy wavy layers that fall throughout the hair.

Even though it’s now hitting the mainstream, the style has been long worn by South Korean K-pop stars like Taemin from SHINee, Choi Beomgyu of the TXT band, and Leeteuk from Super Junior. Several other celebrities have been seen sporting the look, including Billy Eilish, Keke Palmer, and  Miley Cyrus.

What makes the haircut very popular is its low maintenance and versatility. You can either go subtle with the look or go as dramatic as you want it to be. You also can wear the style short or long, add bangs, color, and accessorize.

What Hair Type Is Good For Wolf Cut?

Wolf cut works on all hair lengths, types, and textures. However, it is easier to style thicker hair with waves or curls and a little harder to style when hair is straight. With the latter, you will need more time to style to create the movement and add volume. Also, we wouldn’t advise trying out this style if you have very fine hair that has trouble holding a style or is prone to frizz. 

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What Face Shapes Does A Wolf Cut Look Good On?

Wolf cuts work on all face shapes. However, except for the oval face, you’ll have to make a few adjustments to suit the shape of your face. For instance, if you have a round shape, you’d want shorter layers at the top to make your face appear longer. 

Is Wolf Cut Easy To Style?

Yes, the wolf cut is easy to style. If you have thick, voluminous hair, you may get away with a touch-up every once in a while. However, if you have thin hair, you may have to do regular styling and maintenance; otherwise, your hair will fall flat.

Styling products with volume-boosting formulas are what you need to keep the style in shape. Also, consider curl-enhancing products, texturizing pomades, and sea salt sprays to refreshen the style.

Best Wolf Haircut Styles To Try

 Here are different ways to wear this trendy hairstyle.

Wolf Cut Bob

Image link

Don’t you love how stunning this shag-mullet-bob trifecta looks? Its giving class, elegance, and bold vibes. Perfect style for a modern woman.

Wavy Wolf Cut

Image link

This popular short wolf cut is a subtle way to slay the trendy look. The choppy short layers and the full fringe takes the look a notch higher without being too dramatic.

Soft Wolf Cut

Image link

If you like length, choppy layers, and nice curtain bangs – this is the classic wolf cut look for you. This hairstyle has so much texture and volume going on. We love the soft tousled style.

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Wolf Cut With A Micro-Fringe

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This style is a tamed version of the wolf cut. It’s almost similar to the choppy bob cut but with additional angled layers and bangs. If you find the tousled wolf cut a little too much for your everyday wear, this version is a great option.

Blonde Wolf Cut Hair

Image link

This shoulder-length wolf cut is a flattering style for women with thin hair. The textured ends add volume and movement. We are definitely loving the messy, disheveled look on this one.

Split-Dyed Wolf Cut

Image link

Want to show off your different personalities in just one style? This split-dyed wolf-cut look is for you. The long curly layers add a little more pizzazz to the look.

Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs

Wolf cut with curtain bangs

Image link

Be the center of attention with this heavily layered, multi-toned extreme wolf cut. This look is very versatile. You can wear it slightly shorter or longer.

Chin-Length Wolf Cut

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The short bangs, choppy layers, and short length make this frame-facing wolf cut style so unique. To boost volume, tease the hair using your fingers and style it forward.  

Sleek Wolf Cut

Wolf cut haircut
Haircut by Brad Phillips at J. Bradley Salon in Odessa.

This straightened wolf cut is quite a unique way of slaying the style. There are no curls, no waves, no tousles, just layers and bangs and bold burning color. This is for women who like their hair perfectly sleek.

Curly Wolf Cut With Natural Balayage

Image link

The intense curls on this short wolf cut give it a completely different look. Perfect for women with natural curls. 

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Overall, wolf-cut haircuts are a great choice for any woman looking to feel liberated, modern, and confident. This style is low-maintenance and won’t take you too much time when it comes to styling – perfect for those with busy lifestyles. Not only that, but the ease of maintenance in combination with the trend of this cut makes it an affordable option. Heavy bangs are perfect for framing your face shape and can also be altered to your desired length and volume. With thick and easy-to-style hair already provided by nature, wavy or straightened hair creates a fun yet eye-catching look that anyone can pull off! Plus, if done correctly, a wolf cut will require very little upkeep overall. So if you’re ready to make the plunge into a new look – this style is definitely worth considering!

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