Sherlock Holmes ExhibitThe Sherlock Holmes exhibit is a traveling exhibit that has combined science, history, and culture together for a one of kind experience. We missed the exhibit when it came to OMSI in Portland, but managed to see it at the Perot Museum in Dallas.

P1030510This exhibit brings to life not just the author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who gained a medical degree at the University in Edinburgh and passed away in 1930, but it also brings to life his fascinating stories of Sherlock Holmes who is quite possibly the world’s most famous detective and his side kick Dr. Watson.P1030508

At the interactive exhibit guest will find themselves in stepping into Sherlock Holmes’ London in the 19th century to solve a crime, a murder.

As soon as you walk in you are given a little booklet to use throughout the exhibit. You can see if you have what it takes to solve a mystery through observation and using the detective’s infamous techniques, including forensics experiments with only four main clues to go on. Some of this section includes fascinating glimpses into sciences like botany and ballistics. There are multiple live demonstrations throughout the exhibit explaining the various techniques Holmes use such as comparing handwriting and detecting possible poisons.

  • There’s even a telegraph that you can use to send a morse code message across the room!

After learning Sherlock Holmes techniques you can watch a video showing how Sherlock Holmes techniques influenced police investigations in real life. You will hear from a current day forensics expert that explains how some of Holmes techniques directly influenced the techniques they use today.


During your tour you will find yourself so engrossed in the information and having such an enjoyable time you will not realize how much you are learning. This exhibit is great for kids and adults, because there is so much material everyone is sure to walk away having learned something new.

My family spent a lot of time in here and it took us forever to solve the mystery. Actually, I gave up. I punched my paper wrong. DONT PUNCH YOUR PAPER WRONG!

Sherlock Holmes

Our son learning about the tracks left by dragging a dead body.

In addition to the live demonstrations the exhibit also features original manuscripts, specifically the manuscript for Hound of the Baskervilles, and period artifacts, and investigative tools used by Sherlock Holmes. If you’ve only recently become a fan from the more recent Sherlock Holmes movies with Robert Downy Jr. and Judd law you will be happy to know that there will also be various items and props from the movies.