Silver Creek Beer Garden and Grille is an excellent German restaurant in Fredericksburg Texas. You can’t beat their shaded, pet-friendly patio.

german restaurant in fredericksburg

Silver Creek Beer Garden and Grille is pretty fantastic. I just ate here for the second time last month when we drove through Fredericksburg on our way out to West Texas from San Antonio. We were looking to eat somewhere with a patio because my mom had her little dog with us. This restaurant is dog friendly and they brought out a big bowl of water for her dog.

I would also like to note that it was like a hundred freaking degrees outside, but the patio is well shaded so the heat wasn’t even an issue. I found this quite surprising to be honest.
german restaurant in fredericksburg

They often have live music, even at lunch-time on a weekday. We drove through on a Friday, so I was definitely not expecting live music during lunch-time. Not only was there live music, but the singers were really good.

It is a German restaurant, so I ordered the schnitzel. It did not disappoint and was only around $11.
german restaurant in fredericksburg

They have various hot dogs you can get. Basically, you just pick out what kind of sausage you want. This was a super cheap option, only $8.
IMG 0736

Typical, my son got a hamburger, granted it was a decent hamburger. I am not sure how many places he can find that is not American food to make him a hamburger. I got my youngest two one of these hamburger plates too, and it was plenty of food for them to split. There are no kid’s meals here, so splitting a plate is the way to go with kids 11 and under.

IMG 0738

I mentioned earlier in this post that I had been here once before. Well, here my best friend Lindsey and I are sitting just one table over a few years ago when we went to Fredericksburg for her bachelorette party. They had live music that day at lunch too. bachelorette party

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