Sometimes when my friend gets deployed it seems like he is having fun. Which I guess is good, but boy does he get to do some cool stuff that I don’t! For example, he went to Dubai and got to go to the beach. When he got tired of being at the beach he decided to go skiing over at Ski Dubai, because you know why not! I would have been so jealous looking through these pictures if I had not been at Disneyland while he was there. Oh and cause most of his deployments suck.

Now he obviously was not wearing ski clothes, because he was at the beach. Plus, most people do not pack ski clothes when deploying to the desert. At least he doesn’t.

It did not matter because when you buy a ticket to ski or snowboard all the clothes and equipment you need are included. This does include a helmet for children. Now keep in mind that many people over there participating in Ski Dubai have never skied or snowboarded, so you should probably wear a helmet as an adult too.

Ski Dubai

If you need lessons they have them for all ages. You can also zip line here and go sledding. They also offer encounters with penguins.

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