Sleepy Hollow located in Liberty Square offers some of the best food at the Magic Kingdom. img 0020

Sleepy Hollow

In my opinion Sleepy Hollow is the best place for lunch in the Magic Kingdom. Overall, I have never been that impressed with the food inside the Magic Kingdom and I have eaten at every restaurant there. The Magic Kingdom tends to have the worst food of all the Disney World parks.

One of the exceptions is a quick service restaurant found in Liberty Square, Sleepy Hollow. Their waffle sandwiches are tasty, large, and reasonably priced. A while back they took all the waffle sandwiches off their menu, except for the fruit one. But when we visited last week there were three types of waffle sandwiches on the menu! Sadly, the prosciutto waffle has not been brought back to the menu. img 0022Waffle Sandwiches

They always have the fruit and Nutella waffle available and depending on the day they will have two other waffle options. The day we went you could get a breakfast waffle with ham, egg, and tomatoes or you could get a sweet and spicy chicken waffle.

We always get the fruit and Nutella waffle and the sweet and spicy waffle if it is available.

The total cost for our 4 waffles and 4 ice waters was under $40. Ice water is free and the waffles were $7.99 and  $8.99 each.

Other Food Options

They also have funnel cake, pretzel dogs, vanilla ice cream cookies, and bake potatoes. The bake potatoes are only $3.99 making them one of the cheapest eats at Disney.

Bonus tip: Sleepy Hollow’s table and chairs next to the bridge is the best place to watch the parade. You will have an unobstructed view of the floats as they cross the bridge. The only downside to sitting here for the parade is the sun. There is little to no shade.

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