It’s nice to enjoy a drink in an intimate location. One most people don’t know about, shrouded and mystery and secrecy. Get that and more at some of the coolest Las Vegas speakeasies. 

Las Vegas Speakeasies

1. Here Kitty Kitty Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den

The Famous Foods Street Eats area at Resorts World looks just like a food court, but it’s not. Behind Ms. Meow’s Mamak convenience store is the passageway into Here Kitty Kitty speakeasy. Give the shelf in the store stocked with potato chips a light push, and you’re in. 

The decor and cocktails are highly influenced by Singapore. Drinks range from sweet to strong, and when it comes to The Golden Ticket, this delectable $150 aged scotch drink is downright impressive. 

2. Ghost Donkey Ghost Donkey

Block 16 in the glamorous Cosmopolitan hotel offers entry into the Ghost Donkey speakeasy. Just look for the green door adorned with a white donkey, and you’ll know you’re in the right place. 

The space is very intimate, only offering seating for a handful of people. It captures a true speakeasy vibe with dim lighting, often thanks to dangling Christmas lights. 

Specializing in mezcal and tequila, agave spirits can be enjoyed on their own or in various cocktails. It should be known that the Truffle Nachos should not be missed! 

If sneaking through Ghost Donkey wasn’t thrilling enough for you, consider spicing up your time in Sin City with a Las Vegas helicopter tour. See the city in a way you never have before!

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3. Datamosh 

Datamosh offers a very unique speakeasy experience. Start your supernatural adventure at Omega Mart, a parody of a grocery store located at AREA 15. You’ll be on your own to discover the entry into the speakeasy, just make your way toward the pharmacy. 

A trippy space adorned with neon lights and black leather stools aims to set the scene of a pharmacy in a far-off dimension. Guests can choose from seven unique and interesting cosmic cocktails like The Source and Old Fashioned Spray, a blue Windex version of the classic drink. 

4. The Laundry Room The Laundry Room 

Rich and warm, The Laundry Room captures a real prohibition vibe. This speakeasy is hidden within the walls of the popular Fremont East bar, Commonwealth. It features dim lantern lighting and long bars and stools. 

There’s only room for a couple dozen people in this space, making it a very exclusive spot to spend some time in Las Vegas. Reservations are required to peruse this space and enjoy some of their 27 different delectable libations. If nothing on the menu strikes your fancy, create a custom drink with the bartender to fit your mood. 

5. Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails 

Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails is a business that runs a double life. Well known for being an excellent place for men to get a trim or a stellar shave, this barbershop in The Cosmopolitan Hotel takes on an entirely different persona once the sun goes down. 

Visitors can access the speakeasy through a “Janitor” door on the back of the building. The dark whiskey lounge is cozy yet slightly whimsical, featuring different styles of chandeliers and vintage furniture. 

Favorite drinks here include Mustache Ride, Bonnie + Clyde, and Six String Sling. It’s also a great spot to enjoy some soothing live music. 

Guests enter in the back, which opens up to a dark and seductive whiskey lounge with a stage for live music. 

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6. 1923 Prohibition Bar 1923 Prohibition Bar 

1923 Prohibition Bar is located in a small space on the second floor of The Shoppes at Mandalay Bay, near Minus 5 Ice Bar. Once there, you’ll spy an out-of-place bookshelf. Give it a knock and walk into your adventure. 

This bourbon bar is decked out with time-appropriate decor, all echoing 20s influence. Chandeliers and brick walls really work to enhance the seclusion of the space while also transporting guests back in time. 

Weekends offer live music and burlesque dancers, making for a night to remember!  

7. The Lock at Cabinet of Curiosities The Lock at Cabinet of Curiosities 

The Cabinet of Curiosities is a unique bar located at the Horseshoe Las Vegas (formerly Bally’s). Tourists who wish to check out The Lock must first explore this bar. Inside, guests may stumble upon a vintage telephone. Pick it up to retrieve secret info on how to make your way into The Lock. 

Travel through a bank vault or, for the more adventurous types, a crawl space to gain entry into this shadowy speakeasy. There’s a set menu, but keep in mind that The Lock is also known for its custom cocktails. Guests can physically fill out a custom order ballot to create their dream drink based on how they are feeling and their favorite places in the world. 

8. Mas Por Favor Mas Por Favor 

Más Por Favor is a great place to pick up some Mexican food in the Chinatown portion of Las Vegas. The storefront is unassuming, but if you mention the phrase “tonight’s delight” to the taqueria employee, you’re in for quite the surprise. 

This code will activate an usher who will lead you down a secret tunnel hallway, depicted to resemble a drug tunnel complete with bags of imitation drugs lining the walkway. 

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The drinks here are mainly tequila and mezcal-based but pack an array of delectable flavors. Margaritas are, of course, a favorite at this joint! 

9. Easy’s 

Proper Eats Food Hall in the Aria Hotel looks like a typical food court. But behind the Easy Donuts & Coffee desk is a highbrow bar and lounge. Easy’s specializes in cocktails and caviar. The space is intimate and often features live Jazz music.  

A mixture of classic taste and modernity, the menu here features traditional cocktails as well as inventive and entertaining options, depending on what you’re in the mood for. 

10. Pier 17 Yacht Club 

Caesar’s Palace is home to Vegas’ Green Fairy Garden, and hidden in its greenery is Pier 17 Yacht Club. The decor and atmosphere are nautical-themed. Space is limited, but luckily there’s extended seating on the terrace outside. 

If you like mezcal, be sure to try the Tantric Turnbuckle.  And if you’re hungry, their No Pants Burger is sure to impress. As for entertainment, this spot opts for DJ’d rock classics as opposed to live music. 

11. The Underground 

The Underground speakeasy is ironically located in the basement of the National Museum for Organized Crime & Law Enforcement. Styled after prohibition time, from decor to mood lighting, there are traces of the roaring twenties everywhere. 

Drinks are varied and delicious, from prohibition-era classics like Southside Gin Mojitos and Old Fashioneds. They even have their very own moonshine bottled right on the property. 

12. The Parlor Room  The Parlor Room 

The Parlor Room is a hidden lounge at Bavette’s Steakhouse at Park MGM. All about glitz and glamour, this speakeasy is immaculately decorated with vintage furniture, chandeliers, and artwork. The drink menu is heavy-handed on scotch and martinis. It’s a cozy spot to spend a relaxed evening. 

Conclusion: Las Vegas Speakeasies

There you have it, a rundown of some of the most secretive and uniquely entertaining speakeasies in Las Vegas. No matter how you end up experiencing Vegas, cheers to a good time! 


Guest Author: Candice from CS Ginger.

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