Spork an Asian Fusion restaurant in Bend, Oregon is not quite a hole in the wall, but not a table service restaurant.  Some consider it Mexican, but it’s not. It’s definitely Asian fusion.

You walk up and order, seat yourself, and bus your own tables. Now why would you go somewhere like this? Because the food is awesome of course.

Spork is located in Bend near the main downtown area and is a fairly cheap place to eat. The kid meals were especially cheap, about $3. Regular entrees were $9 – $14.

This first photo is one of the kids meals. The kids could get pork or chicken with rice.

Asian Fusion Restaurant in Bend

This dish was one of the daily specials, so not always available. It is the sweet and sour noodles. They were excellent and cost $14. 20140821-190853-68933150.jpg

This was the fried chicken. I can’t remember how much it was, but it was around $9. It came with your choice of kimchi or cucumber salad. We opted for the cucumber salad and it was just okay, pretty sour. The chicken was awesome. 20140821-190855-68935589.jpg

Last but not least is the the Thai steak salad. I do not even know how to describe it. It was so good with so many different flavors I couldn’t name them all! I would definitely order it again. With that said I found the portion a little small. In fact every dish served here seems a little on the small side.


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