If you decide to take a little time off and stay at home in town with the kids, here are some great ways to take advantage of your time at home and perhaps explore the area in which you live. Staycation Ideas are all about taking advantage of the time off by shutting off outside things to enjoy time at home or your local area.  Go ahead and make some super staycation memories this year by trying these staycation ideas.

6 Super Staycation Ideas

1. Indoor waterpark. Hawaiian Falls Waco Water Park

Make a day of it at an indoor waterpark even if you have to drive a little way away so just plan ahead and pack some snacks and take advantage of the whole day. Sometimes you can even find family fun pack deals through your local travel agent or MWR office.  This is one of our favorite staycation ideas for winter months when you just want to escape the cold weather.

2. Camp Out.  

It can be just as adventuresome to camp out right in your own backyard.  If the weather isn’t so great, then try your living or family room instead.  Make it authentic and put up a tent and use all the camping supplies that you would typically use at the campground.

3. Free Fun Activities.

A super way to get information on local free activities is by visiting your local library.  There is always a list of library reading adventures for kids as well as some great ideas for local things to do around town. Winter is the time of year when programs are more popular, so if you see something good, sign up early.  Also, a recreation center typically offers low-cost, if not, free fun things to do.

4. Local Movie or Film Festival.  

Winter and Spring are great seasons for fun family days of indoor movies or themed film festivals.  Or another great staycation suggestion is to have each family member pick their favorite DVD, Redbox rental, or Netflix movie and just stay in and make it a fun-filled family movie night with popcorn and everyone’s favorite movie candies.

5. Theater performances. Mama Mia touring broadway show

Check out low-cost local theater and age-appropriate comedy clubs as an option for an afternoon or night out.  A themed restaurant with a “murder” mystery or something even kid-friendly is a possibility. Just pick something that everyone will enjoy.

6.  Support local sports teams.  

Whether it’s basketball, indoor soccer, or ice hockey season wherever you may live, get out there and support any local or minor league sports team.  Have everyone dress the part and wear the team colors too.  Pack snacks and pick up little sports memorabilia to help get everyone into the spirit.  If there isn’t a team real close by, find a local adult league by scouring your local papers and at least get out and have some fun that way.  It’s also a great way to meet some new and fun people.

Family vacations are just that…for family and it doesn’t matter if they are in your own hometown or a long drive or airplane trip away.  The important thing is to create memories for everyone and that can be done near or far away.  These staycation ideas are perfect for families to reconnect.

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