I’ve been using Stitch Fix for almost 2 years now and I really enjoy it. I have to attend a lot of different kinds of events from nice sit down dinners at restaurants debuting a new menu to automotive launches to trips around the world.

I really enjoy the service. For a while they sent clothes I didn’t care for, but I ask to change stylists. In fact, I ask for a stylist from Texas. After that I have liked almost everything I have gotten. (You know how us Texans can be.) You can request her too, Meagan from Austin.

French Grey Maxi Dress from Stitch Fix

French Grey Maxi Dress

I’ve been pleased with the overall quality of the clothes I have gotten. I tend to wear my clothes until well after they should have been thrown away, so I appreciate clothes that hold up for a long time.

I also appreciate the convenience. I am flat out exhausted most of the time. Between being a single mom of three active kids and working full time I stay busy. Anything that can be outsourced I utilize, housekeeping, online grocery pickup, and now shopping for clothes.

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What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that sends you a box of clothes, shoes, or accessories to your taste whenever you request it. When you sign up for the service you give your opinions on various looks to help the stylist fit your taste and for your price preference. They also ask for all your sizes.

img 0078

How often are clothes shipped?

I have mine set to send me a new box every 2 – 3 weeks, but you can set it to send once a month, every other month, or only when you request one.

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What kinds of items will they send?

You can request that they send only certain items. For example, I am super picky about jewelry so marked to never send me jewelry. Same thing with shoes. I have wide feet and I need to pick out shoes myself. I have gotten shirts, t-shirts, jeans, shorts, jackets, dresses, and cardigans from them.

Can you return items?

There have been a few times I didn’t like something, but Eden did so she kept it. Other times I have sent things back. I have even sent back the entire box before. They charge a $20 styling fee, so I almost always keep at least one item, because the styling fee applies to the clothes you keep.

Here is a link for a waived styling fee.

Is Stitch Fix Expensive?

The cost depends on how much you want to spend. My least expensive box was $130 and my most expensive was around $200. I have heard of some people paying substantially more than this. I have my price preference set as low as possible. I do not know if you could get a box for less than $130, since in all the times I have gotten it this was the lowest.

If you buy everything in the box they give you a %25 discount on everything which lowers the overall price.

Can You Buy Stitch Fix Gift Cards?

Yes, you can buy gift cards for Stitch Fix and they make great gifts, especially for moms. I recommend buying at least a $50 gift card, but a $100 gift card would be better. That will ensure that there’s enough for the person you give it to gets a few items.

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Buy a Stitch Fix Gift Card 

Meagan with the Mercedes

I got that cute jean jacket in one Stich Fix and the Blue shirt in another. I’m posing in front of a Mercedes E-Class Coupe.

I have only kept a few of the dresses, but the knit one I am wearing while I played chess is adorable. I don’t do it justice, but I try. I’m playing chess at Shangri-la Chiang Mai.Large chess game at Shangri-la Chiang Mai

img 0781

The black shirt is high quality and has a bit of flare. I like things that are a little different. I’m having a super tasty drink at Kask in Portland.

The striped shirt below I loved because of the lace on the sleeves. I’m messing around at Mom 2.0 with my friends Kirsten from Kids are a Trip.

img 9186Is Stitch Fix Affordable

This is just a simple tank, but again a little different with the extra flair. They also sent me these cute ripped skinny jeans. 

In this photo I was attempting to show of those bracelets. I got them from Wakami. The @wakamiglobal bracelets Eden and I are wearing are handmade by the Wakami women in Guatemala who are chasing their own dreams. They are carefully prepared just for you! Use Dream Code: MOMMYTRAVELS to save 10% off your order. img 6009

These are shirts I already pointed out in the above pictures, but apparently I wear them all the time. img 5985Stitch Fix

I am wearing the same shirt in both of these photos, but worked it into two completely different looks. I’m rocking a western look below for the Texas Truck Rodeo and a casual look above for zip lining at Otway in southern Australiaimg 4802

Let me know if you have any questions about the program in the comments. I am more than happy to answer them.

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