Sunriver Brewing

Sunriver has lots of great restaurants and we made sure to eat at lots and lots of them.

One of our favorites was the Sunriver Brewhouse. They do everything right here including free wifi.

Amazing Beers

Sunriver Brewhouse makes their own craft beers here. In fact the beer you see in the fancy glass there on the right, the Big Willie Belgium Strong Pale Ale, was declared by my husband to be one of the best beers he has ever had in his life. We live in Portland aka Beertopia, so I feel like that is a pretty bold statement. I have to agree though his “Big Willie” beer was outstanding. The other beer served in a more traditional glass is the “Fuzztail Hefeweizen. It was quite good as well.

They also make their own root beer!

I should mention the food too, because the food was pretty great too and they feature a seasonal menu.

My favorite food is chips and salsa and their salsa is homemade and is actually good. To say salsa in Oregon is not so great is an understatement, but their salsa was good enough for these Texans even if it was a little on the mild side. 20140823-185147-67907545.jpg

My husband went with the waitresses recommendation when trying to decide what to order and he was glad he did.

GRILLED STEELHEAD: grilled Columbia River steelhead, pistachio herb polenta, seasonal veggies, pico de gallo for $22



20140830-173913-63553479.jpgI had the gluten free BREWHOUSE TACOS: pulled pork or pan seared blackened cod, shredded cabbage, chipotle aioli, pico de gallo, corn and flour blend tortilla for $14

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They were good, but a little dry and not that flavorful. I would not get them again.

  • This was not the only gluten free item on the menu. They have lots of gluten free choices.


These two pictures are both kids meals. The photo above is the kid’s fish and chips and the photo below is the kid’s macaroni. Their french fries are shoestring  style. 20140830-174021-63621956.jpg

BREWHOUSE BACON CHEESE BURGER: NW natural angus beef, Tillamook cheddar, applewood smoked bacon, tomato, lettuce, onion, roasted garlic aioli, telera roll for $12.50


For dessert we had the brownie with Tillamook ice cream. The brownie is not served warm, but upon request they will heat it up for you.


All in all this was a great place. It’s obviously a popular place. The night we went the place was packed, but we still had great service. Our friends went to Sunriver the following weekend and they went here after we told them about the “Big Willie” beer and they loved the place too.

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