20 07, 2012

Miracle Ranch Camp

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My oldest son and my daughter were lucky enough to go to camp at Miracle Ranch in Washington state to participate in Operation Extreme. Operation Extreme is the camp they offer just for military kids. If you are military and you

13 10, 2010

Cub Scouts (I actually do recommend it)

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Many people have ask what I think of Cub Scouts now that our son has finished his second year. To be honest, I went into it knowing all of the bad things you hear about. Despite that we tried it because,

3 05, 2010

Concordia Language Villages camp

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Concordia Language Camps bring languages to life for families and children ages 2 to 18. They provide all types of programs from preschool enrichment, day camps and sleepaway camps to programs that the entire family can take part in together.

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