22 08, 2014

Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice, Italy

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Saint Mark's Basilica This cathedral is in Venice, Italy. It is beautiful and it is free to tour. It's found in the world famous Saint Marks Square. Saint Mark's Basilica is stunning and more than worth the wait to get inside.  There

11 11, 2011

Notre Dame Cathedral – Paris, France

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The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France was stunning. The stain glass windows were beautiful as were the many paintings. They have kept the cathedral in great condition. It is free admission to get in. Although there was a huge

12 08, 2011

Christ Church – Dublin

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Are you looking to explore a city steeped in centuries of history and oozing with character? If so, Dublin's Christ Church is a must-see spot! This incredible feat of Gothic architecture dates all the way back to 1038 A.D., making

9 05, 2011

Comayagua Cathedral in Central Park – Honduras

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Comayagua, Honduras is the home to multiple historic places and full of Spanish architecture.  On our Honduras family adventure the place we are living is just outside of Comayagua.  We went to the pitiful mall and then to this beautiful

16 09, 2009

Churches in Rome

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This article looks at just a few of Rome's outstanding churches, many dating back to the Middle Ages or even earlier. While the selections chosen here are all outstanding examples, this list is by no means exhaustive. It's closer to

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