25 07, 2011

Childrens Museum of the Desert – Palm Springs

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Children's Museum of the Desert is near Palm Springs, California. Honestly, it is so close to Palm Springs it basically is. There are tons of activities for kids here. It's a fantastic museum. My 4 year old loved it!  We

29 11, 2009

Children’s Museum of Atlanta

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The Atlanta Children's Museum—a veritable wonderland where the echoes of "I'm bored" go to die, and parental sanity gets a brief, albeit glittery, reprieve. As a woman who has braved international flights with toddlers in tow and navigated the intricate

19 04, 2009

Boston Children’s museum

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Discover the vibrant culture, history and educational experiences of Boston at The Children's Museum. Established in 1913, this museum has been a treasured part of Boston’s youth for over a century and continues to provide world-class entertainment for both children

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