5 08, 2010

Roman Coliseum and Forum

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A few days ago I was eating at a restaurant and when I looked at the kids menu there was a picture of the Coliseum and I thought "I still can't believe I was actually there".  As a historian, I

8 09, 2009

Hotel Milton Roma

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Are you planning a trip to Rome, Italy? The Eternal City has so much to offer its visitors from incredible cuisine to ancient architecture. When it comes to hotel accommodations, let me tell you about my experience at the Hotel

4 09, 2009

Things to Do in Rome with Five Euros or Less

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We got to Rome, Italy in the morning, after flying all night, and we were so excited. This was our very first time to Europe and our first trip without our kids in 4 1/2 years. We weren't sure how

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